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The Importance of Friendship

Yes, a parent is a child's first best friend. When your child turns two, you realize that what you really want to be is your child's best parent! By age three, children start playing and interacting with other children....more»

Tween Timelines

What freedoms should be allowed when?

When the tween years approach, an entirely different parenting dynamic emerges. Kids are pushing for independence while moms and dads struggle with how much freedom to allow....more»

The Right Private School Fit

What factors play into this important decision?

You've taken campus tours, met with admissions officers, inquired about financial aid and completed several applications -- and your son or daughter has been admitted to their top school choice! No – we're not talking about college – the above applies to the process of selecting a private school for your child....more»

Avoiding Childhood Obesity

Starting healthy strategies now can mean lifelong fitness

It's a hot-button topic in the news. We constantly hear of new studies, polls and breakthrough treatments for it....more»

Birthday Party Fun

Five "outside the box" ideas for your next celebration

Celebrating your kids' milestones is one of the best parts of being a parent. While backyard birthday parties are awesome, sometimes it's nice to allow someone else to do the hosting – and maybe some of the planning and cooking too! Below you'll find a roundup of a few fabulous birthday party spots in the Indianapolis area....more»

Emergency Room Visits

How to know when a trip to the ER is necessary

From falling while climbing a tree to twisting an ankle during a particularly fearless slide into home plate, children can find a variety of ways to injure themselves....more»

September Community Spotlight

New Look + New Name = More Hope Each year, over 35,000 Hoosiers are diagnosed with cancer. The St.Vincent Cancer Walk, formerly known as the St....more»

Get Set Go!

Encourage an active lifestyle for your children

Excessive weight is a problem careening out of control in Indiana. Today children are more sedentary than ever....more»

New Playscape Helps Parents and Children Reach Developmental Milestones in a Fun and Engaging Way

From the second your child is born, he is learning something new every day that is critical for development. Researchers and psychologists believe children learn significantly earlier than previously believed....more»

Coping With Childhood Cancer

Helping the whole family deal with a diagnosis

Everyone thinks cancer is something that happens to other kids, other families – but this disease can happen to any child....more»

Down Syndrome's Rising Potential

What every parent should know

Marty Mason was born with Down syndrome. His mother Vicki Dayan was advised to put him in an institution and have other kids....more»

The Best of Buddies

Forging friendships across differences

Relationships don't come easy for kids with autism. Social skills require real, ongoing work. So when an opportunity comes along for these kids to practice social interaction and build a true friendship with a neurotypical peer, it's a good thing....more»

Teaching Compassion

Some lessons unfold on their own

I have been thinking about how to teach my kids about compassion. Although we volunteer as a family for a Run Walk fundraiser each year where my kids stuff envelopes, hang posters and volunteer the day of the event, I realized that volunteering is not the same as teaching compassion....more»

Indianapolis Heart Walk & 5K Run

Come out and support the American Heart Association at this year's event!

Becky Halon is thankful to be alive. As a 28-year-old mother of three, the Avon woman suffered an unexpected cardiac arrest in her home in July 2010....more»

Can't Miss International Festivals Downtown

Cultural celebrations from around the world – all in Indy!

Indianapolis may be known as the Crossroads of America and Hoosier State, but in the fall consider the city your passport to the world! Experience the sights, sounds and tastes of downtown Indianapolis as cultural diversity is celebrated....more»

Ask the Teacher

Fall conferences, "enjoying" bad behavior, autism prep, maintaining initial motivation

Question: I always go into fall conferences with a few questions for the teacher, but as I try to focus and process the teacher's introductory comments, I forget everything I intended to discuss....more»

Bedtime Tokens

True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

Every night I whisper three words in my son's ear as I tuck him in, "Go to sleep." He's not an easy one to put to bed....more»
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