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Creating Harmony in the Home

Managing autism within the context of the entire family

Autism has a pervasive effect on a family. Mom, dad, siblings, grandparents and others can feel its weight. Is it possible then, to create a harmonious household in the face of such a diagnosis? While no one strategy will work for every family, trying various methods can lead to a more peaceful home....more»

December 2103 IC Community Spotlight

Christmas with the ponies Visit with Santa and the Christmas ponies in a beautifully decorated, heated barn! Join in reindeer games, make a keepsake frame and enjoy holiday refreshments in this delightful holiday event that benefits Strides for Success, a not-for-profit organization providing equine- assisted learning and therapy for children, adults and veterans....more»

The Season of Giving Back

Thinking outside the gift box

For kids, Christmas is often all about toys and electronic gadgets. But many parents worry that all this focus on material things isn't healthy for their preteens....more»

Top Toy Tips

What to buy for kids with autism and other developmental disabilities

Gobs of gifts are lining toy stores just waiting for parents and gift givers to snatch them up. When kids have special needs, who's to say which gifts get the green light? Parents may be surprised to learn that area experts tend toward suggesting traditional versus tech....more»

Creating Harmony in the Home

Managing autism within the context of the entire family

Autism has a pervasive effect on a family. Mom, dad, siblings, grandparents and others can feel its weight. Is it possible then, to create a harmonious household in the face of such a diagnosis? While no one strategy will work for every family, trying various methods can lead to a more peaceful home....more»

Information Overload

Knowing when to tune out

In a time when it seems there are limitless distractions, it's important to know when to turn them all off. Strong family connections simply cannot be made without managing the constant noise we are bombarded with 24 hours a day....more»

IC December 2013 Winter Fun Guide

Beef and Boards Indianapolis (317) 872-9664 www.beefandboards.com Beef = food. Boards = wooden performing stage....more»

Homeschooling in Indy

Social opportunities for your homeschooled student

Football games, academic competitions, school dances – these are important events in a child's life. While these opportunities are readily available to children in public and private schools, they're not necessarily part of the package for homeschooled students....more»

Preschool Options

What's right for your child?

Sending your child to preschool is a big step not only for him or her, but for you as well. There are a vast number of preschool options and educational philosophies to explore, and finding the right fit for your child is an essential part of a strong and positive educational journey....more»

The Right Babysitter for the Job

Finding the best match for your family

Search and seek mission When looking for your dream sitter, "The best place to start is in your own circle of friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc....more»

Dealing with Difficult Grandparents

Handling unwanted advice from well-meaning family members

Being a grandparent is one of life's greatest rewards. This new status lets one enjoy the fun and excitement of a new baby without shouldering all the responsibility....more»

Ask the Teacher

Homework overload, vocabulary woes and vacation disruptions

Question: I cannot believe the amount of homework that my second grader has. It seems to go on forever. I am constantly having to prod her to get it done....more»

Winter Health

Avoid a few cold weather dangers to keep your family safe and healthy

Old man winter brings his own set of risks with him each year. However, with knowledge and precautions, parents can help their children keep illness and injury at bay....more»

Holiday Traditions

Create a keepsake to remember your favorite activities

Drinking hot chocolate, cooking and eating favorite foods, enjoying holiday lights and decorations…are all things families do around the holidays....more»

Downtown Indy's Favorite Holiday Traditions

Join the festivities downtown this December!

Downtown Indianapolis offers a rich selection of holiday events, attractions and shows sure to thrill all ages....more»

Christmas at the Zoo

Enjoy making holiday memories with your family!

Thousands of twinkling lights, a cup of hot cocoa and a just a touch of snow – it's the recipe for a wonderful holiday experience....more»

A Man with a Van

[True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad]

ManVan. MinionVan. Manlyvan. Call it whatever you want. A minivan has been life changing for me, a stay-at-home dad....more»

Music Has a Beat!

Getting into the rhythm with your young musician

"Now it's time for music, music, music . . . we'll have lots of fun!" This song begins every facilitated program in The Music Studio in Playscape at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, and it's very true – music is fun....more»

When Unemployment Hits Home

Tips for coping as a family

Our jobs – what we do with our days, how we earn a living and provide for our families – are an essential part of our identities....more»

Savvy Shopping

Simple ways to save big

There's no way around it: kids are expensive. In fact, a recent study on the cost of raising a child by economist Mark Lino of the U....more»

The Merits of Music

Music education has far-reaching benefits

Do you play CDs during car rides or allow your toddler to bang pots and pans together while you cook? You may be doing more for your child than you think....more»

Family Life Under the Big Top

Traveling the country as part of "The Greatest Show on Earth"

Plenty of parents of young children feel like their lives are a circus. For Alex and Irina Emelin, family life literally IS a circus....more»

Community Spotlight - November 2013

A Call, A Conversation, A Celebration Fathers and caregivers of special needs children will not want to miss the upcoming Fathers and Families Center's November 16th Symposium....more»

Accentuating the Positive

Choosing how to interact with the world

The words we speak, our attitude, how we approach others – all these actions set an example for our children, whether we realize what we're doing or not....more»

The Road Toward Independence

When to prepare your child with autism for adulthood

Help wanted: Loving adult to prepare child for meaningful, independent life. Seems like a logical job description for a career as a mom or dad....more»

The Mission Behind Miracles

March of Dimes continues working for stronger, healthier babies

Our country's premature birth rate has risen by 36 percent over the last 25 years. That's serious cause for concern....more»


Education leads to understanding

There's a lot of misunderstanding about diabetes, particularly type 1 diabetes. And these false perceptions end up harming patients at a time when they need our support and advocacy....more»

Supporting Someone During Their Adoption Process

Helpful tips for what to say and do

The adoption process is often compared to a roller coaster. Many prospective adoptive families spend months or even years completing paperwork and waiting for placement of a child, and some encounter significant setbacks along the way....more»

Top Family-Friendly Picks to Enjoy This Month

Downtown Indy is the place to be this November!

November is a great month to get inside and read a good book at a local bookstore or the library, watch a mesmerizing musical or explore a museum....more»

Asthma Awareness

Learn to recognize, treat and manage asthma

Did you know that asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood? Asthma is a chronic illness that blocks or narrows the lungs, making breathing difficult....more»

A Monumental Movement for Kids

Developing life-long fitness habits in area children

Distance runners are known for their tenacity and commitment, the same traits needed by children today to adhere to a lifestyle of healthy eating and fitness....more»

Ask the Teacher

"Best" efforts, morning routines, homework errors

Question: I don't understand why my third grade son doesn't take pride in his work. I want him to give his best....more»

The Seven-Meal-a-Day Plan

True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

"Seven Meals a Day" – that's the name I've given to the meal and snack plan my kids are on. As a stay at home dad, I'm the meal planner, grocery shopper, cook, server and bus boy for all of it....more»

Just Like You…Only Different

An open letter to my son's kindergarten classmates

After a recent move, my boys (ages 6 and 5) started at a new school this year where they would have no familiar faces to make them feel at ease....more»
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