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Childhood Depression

Recognizing and helping kids struggling to cope

Depression happens – even in young children. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, on any given day about 2 percent of school-aged children and about 8 percent of adolescents meet the criteria for major depression....more»

Private Education for Kids with Autism

What to consider when making a move from public to private schools

Imagine if school were a true one-size-fits-all venture. No more worry. Easy accommodations. Social success all around....more»

RSV: Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Do what you can to keep your infant from catching RSV

In the U.S., RSV infections generally occur during winter and early spring. Spreading quickly among people in close quarters (such as day care centers), RSV is passed by means of close contact and respiratory droplets....more»

Fuel Up to Play 60 with the Indianapolis Colts

Exercising daily and eating nutritious foods has several benefits. Ten area middle school students and their mentors experienced these benefits and more last month! They were selected to represent their schools at the Colts Play 60 Game on December 1st at Lucas Oil Stadium....more»

Stay Warm with Indoor Fun this January

Unwind into 2014 by visiting some of downtown Indy's best attractions and venues! Now is a great time to bring the family indoors, get warm and enjoy the sites and sounds of Indianapolis....more»

Let's Build Together!

Playing with blocks offers more skill-building than you might think

"Ooooh, it's going to fall!" Whether a child is squealing with delight as a tower of blocks teeters before tumbling down or her tongue is slightly protruding from her mouth as she focuses intently on her construction project, block building offers a multitude of learning experiences....more»

Jan 2014 Community Spotlight

The Peace Learning Center hosts its 16th annual MLK Community Festival Over 30 local organizations, vendors and guest speakers will be on hand at this inspiring family event celebrating the life and legacy of Dr....more»

Research to Real World: Applying scientific findings to practical parenting "Motherese"

How baby talk influences speech and language development

One minute you're in the grocery store having a conversation with your spouse about the relative merits of goat cheese and brie, and then a baby appears and suddenly you sound like some sort of high-pitched wind-up toy, using words like cutie pie and burpie....more»

College on the Horizon

What younger kids should focus on now to be prepared

Is it crazy for a 5th grader to start thinking about what their major should be in college? Actually, no. The question of "what do you want to be when you grow up" starts to have some real significance even at this early age....more»

The Shy Child

Strategies for helping shy kids become more socially confident

Unable to summon courage to join classmates building a snowman, your son observes from the sidewalk. Despite the new neighbor's warm personality, she could not elicit the slightest response from your daughter....more»

Public Schools Cultivate Diverse Interests

Unique opportunities available at area schools

Local public schools are offering an increasing number of interesting academic and extracurricular options to their students....more»

Choosing a Private School

Top 10 questions to ask schools you are considering

Daunting. That's the word Sheila Roumpf of Indianapolis used to describe her private school selection process....more»

Mid-year transfers, teaching by computer, "flipping" a classroom

Ask the Teacher

Question: We are changing schools mid-year due to a job transfer. We were careful to select an area where we felt comfortable with the schools, but now that the move is about to happen, I am wondering how we can ever get up to speed with what has happened since the beginning of the year....more»

Footnotes: Thoughts from the margins of a mom's life

The words between us

There is something beautiful about watching a baby watch the world. The emotions playing across the face of my 9-month-old daughter can be read so clearly....more»

Getting Out: Winter Edition

True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

It's officially wintertime in the Midwest, which means the process of loading up three kids in the van just got a LOT more complicated....more»
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