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TV Dads

Which character do you most resemble?

Television is filled with sit-coms and dramas that showcase a variety of father figures. This Father's Day, we thought we'd take a lighthearted look at a few of them to see which one reminds you of the dad in your house....more»

Traveling with Kids

Can getting there really be half the fun?

If the thought of jumping in the car or boarding a plane for a long journey with your kids gives you the cold sweats, have no fear! With a little advance preparation, getting to your destination can not only be accomplished, but even enjoyed....more»

Making Summer Safer-Branded Content

Summer brings sunny days and more time spent outdoors, but with that extra playtime comes a higher risk for injury

Playground injuries send more than 200,000 children age 14 and younger to U.S. emergency rooms every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)....more»

Sibling Squabbles

Working through these inevitable disputes

"She took my toy and broke it!" "No I didn't!" "Yes, you did!" "MOM!!!" No matter how much effort you may put into creating a peaceful family environment, siblings argue with each other – a lot....more»

Preventing the "Summer Slide"

Tips for keeping academic skills sharp while school is out

Summer is here, and if your children are like most, they're looking forward to long days outside and lots of fun with family and friends....more»

Magic Wands in the Dark

Footnotes: Thoughts from the margins of a mom's life

As the mother of two toddlers I greet bedtime with a great deal of enthusiasm. Lately I've been reading aloud Locomotive by Brian Flocka....more»

Caroline Symmes Celebrity Softball Challenge

Join the fun at this year's event!

Looking for a fun summer activity for the entire family? Consider an evening out at the ballpark for a good cause....more»

IC June 2014 Community Spotlight

Summer Nights under the stars The Indianapolis Museum of Art is pleased to present the 2014 Summer Nights Film Series June 6th through August 29th....more»

Research to Real World

Listening in the Womb

A pregnant belly is hard to resist, whether it's our own or someone else's…we all want to talk to it, read to it and sing to it....more»

June Festivals in Downtown Indy

Something for every interest!

Family-friendly festivals in downtown Indianapolis can be a great way to engage kids in new cultures and activities....more»

Safety drills, social media woes and summer journaling

Ask the Teacher

I don't understand why my second grader does so many drills for fire, tornado and lockdown. Is all of this practice worth scaring the kids? Schools are mandated by their states to carry out a certain number of practice drills annually with the express goal of protecting children in an emergency, just as flight attendants must teach evacuation procedures every flight....more»

"Whatever it takes" and a half-century of expertise


While it might seem like a new ABA clinic opens every day in the Indianapolis area, ABA Autism Services by Damar stands out from the crowd....more»

A Field Guide to Preserving Childhood

How the camp experience supports a child's connection to nature

It is commonly said that it takes an entire village to raise strong, healthy children. Yes, it takes a village of people to raise a child, but it also takes the village itself....more»

Caring for Panda Cubs

Fostering nurturing behaviors in children

White and black, fuzzy and cute, giant pandas are special animals. Significant to Chinese culture, they are often regarded as symbols for friendship and peace, in association with yin-yang....more»
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