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Growing Young Minds, Developing Big Talents

Why Education Time With Parents is Imperative for Growth

Imagine seeing your three-year old reading music before reading books, counting different note values before recognizing numbers and learning Italian as a music language! Or your four-year old setting a dinner table and eating with a knife and fork....more»

Museum Note

Science Journals Teach Kids that Science is for Everyone

Everyday Encounters Can Become Adventures in Science

Kids and science are a great combination. This is especially true in Indiana where we have backyards and woods as our science lab....more»

Tweens and Teens

Assertiveness and Teens

Encouraging an I CAN Confidence

Ages and Stages (8-12)

Communicating for Safety's Sake

Why Communication is Key for Keeping Tweens Safe

Pediatric Health

Emergency Preparedness Month

Plan, Prepare, Practice!

Publisher's Note

Going Local for September

Festivals, Farms, Writers and Family

One Chic Mama

Jeans, Belts and Handbags—Oh My

Finding the Right Fit

My Parent, My Mentor

Mentoring at the Mall

Making the Most of Teachable Moments

Dear Teacher

Middle School Education, Dental Checkups, Skipping a Grade and Library Visits

Teachers Answer Your Pressing Education Questions

Ages and Stages (4-7)

Predators: Strangers or Not?

Real Tips to Keep Kids Safe

Growing Up Online

Raising Savvy Social Networkers

Teaching Your Kids the Dos and Don'ts of Social Networking

Ages and Stages (0-3)

Safety Precautions for Toddlers

Home Safety Council Warns of Dangers Lurking in Every Room

Special Needs Awareness

Scouting for Youth with Special Needs

The Benefits of Scouting for All Children

News You Can Use

September in Central Indiana

Events & Venues Offer Up a Host of Fun For the Whole Family

Family Fun in Indy

September is All About Culture in Indy

Local Festivals Make Cultural Learning an Exciting Adventure

Pediatric Health

Understanding the Tween Years

Changing Tastes, Changing Attitudes

Arts and Enrichment

When a Black Belt is More than a Black Belt

How to Get Your Child Involved In the Martial Arts

Childrens museum
St. Francis
Race for a Cure