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Dear Teacher

Bossy, Unhappy and Bilingual Kids

Teachers Answer Your Tough Questions

Unhappy Child in Preschool Question: My 3-year-old son is not doing well at his current preschool....more»

Museum Note

Celebrate Winter Fun and Family Traditions

Jolly Days Winter Wonderland

As winter approaches, families come together to celebrate, and share memories and holiday traditions. Snow fights, sledding, and holiday baking are activities many look forward to at this time of year....more»

One Chic Mama

Cool Winter Finds

The Hat Trick This fall, why not top your look off with an accessory that adds a touch of chic and keeps you warm, too? The Aubrey hat, from Wallaroo Hat Company, brings an air of feminine sophistication and classic styling to your look....more»

Tweens and Teens

From Holiday Kids to Holiday Helpers

Helping Preteens Find a Place

"Aw, Mom. I don't want to sit with the little kids. They're so dorky!" "Oh no, please don't make me sit with the grown-ups....more»

My Parent, My Mentor

Money, Money, Money

Teaching Kids the Value of a Dollar

My daughter is obsessed with the ABBA song, Money, Money, Money. Yes, it's true, I let her watch Mama Mia. In the movie, the mother runs a somewhat dilapidated hotel....more»


2009 International Festival

The Persian community is one of many featured at the Indiana State Fairgrounds November 19-22.

The rich culture of Persia, known to us today as Iran, will be explored through stage performances and through one-to-one outreach to the larger community at the 2009 International Festival, sponsored by AAA Hoosier Motor Club....more»

Arts and Enrichment

Culture Kids

Raising Kids to be Citizens of the World

My grandparents are having a hard time keeping up with their 13 grandchildren. From San Francisco to New York, France to Africa and Pakistan soon enough, they marvel at how we "young people" maneuver our way through the world....more»

Family Fun in Indy

Gossip, Goblets & Ganache

Girls Night Out—Just for Moms

Now that the kids are back in school, you probably realize you have been Supermom, Superwife and Super-stressed....more»


Is It a Bird? A Plane? Or an Ornithologist?

Carole G. Vogel and Yossi Leshem Present The Man Who Flies with Birds at the 11th Annual Ann Katz Festival of Books

Years before Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger III safely landed his plane in the Hudson River, an Israeli ornithologist had long been tackling the problem of airplane bird strikes....more»

Women's Health

Managing High Risk Pregnancies

Prevention and Precaution

Pregnancy is often the most exciting time in a woman's life. Yet if you're a woman with a high-risk pregnancy, then nine months can seem very long and possibly stressful....more»

Pediatric Health

Protecting Your Family From Scald Burns

Preventing the #1 Cause of Burns

Every year, thousands of people, of all ages, are treated for burn-related injuries in hospital emergency rooms across the United States....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Special Considerations for Special Needs Adoption

Opening Your Family to a Special Needs Child

In 2006, when Bridgette and Mike volunteered to be one-on-one volunteers at Damar, it was clear they had a special place in their hearts for children with developmental disabilities....more»

Growing Up Online

The Gift of Attention

Teaching Kids the Importance of Paying Attention

This year, when families set the table for holiday feasting, they may need to leave an extra space beside the nut cup....more»
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