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Arts and Enrichment

A Cure for Dance Fever

Encouraging Confidence through Dance

I'm sure you've heard of Dance Fever. It comes around each spring and kids are often not immune. Between cheerleading tryouts, dance competitions, recitals and the general need to release winter's pent-up energy; don't be surprised if your child succumbs to what seems to be an innate desire to bust a move. ...more»

Pediatric Health

A Parent's Guide to Preventing Poisoning

Tips for Avoiding Dangerous Situations

Consider the following scenario: Your son is hungry and you're busy preparing dinner. He wanders into the bathroom and finds a green can with holes and sprinkles like parmesan cheese. Your child can't read labels and it looks like something good to eat. This type of situation can result in a possible poisoning. Vitamins and medicines that look like candy and chemicals that look like sports drinks are all items that could tempt a child....more»

News You Can Use

Camps, Pizza, Chair-ity and More!

News for Parents

One of the nation's largest one-stop summer planning events is back with dozens of camps and programs for kids 3-18+, entertainment, informative presentations, prizes, mascots, demonstrations, hands-on summer safety instruction and much more....more»

Family Fun in Indy

Hoop it Up This March and April

It's March Madness!

Downtown Indianapolis will host 37 basketball games in 35 days (March 3-April 5), culminating with the NCAA Men's Final Four. These 37 games include Big Ten Men's and Women's Basketball Tournaments, Indiana Pacers, the Final Four and Indiana State Basketball Finals. In total, 300,000 fans are expected to watch basketball in Indy. From the business side, these games will generate $100 million in visitor spending. From the family side, great lessons can be learned from sports while having fun!...more»

Mommy Magic

No is a Four Letter Word

Why You Should Trust Your Gut

I'll bet you think this trick is about the importance of telling your kids NO to discipline them. After all, we say NO all day to our kids. "NO! Don't touch the stove— it's hot!" Or "NO, you cannot ride your bike without a helmet!" Or "NOOOOOOO! You sure may not, under any circumstances, cut your own hair—or your sister's either!" This trick covers the other side of the NO coin for us moms: not taking NO for an answer and learning to trust your gut....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Plan Ahead for Spring Break

Vacation Planning and Children with Special Needs

For many families, Spring Break is one of the highlights of the year. They can't wait to step out of their routines and enjoy a little R&R. They welcome the chance to spend time together, maybe relaxing on the beach, watching spring flowers grow and just enjoying new experiences. ...more»

Ask a Teen

Social Networking

What it Means to Your Teen

I wasn't allowed to access social networking throughout grade school. My parents didn't believe that it was the best thing for a twelve year old—and they were probably right. As each year went by, the more pressure I received from my peers. I remember hearing about my friends being on Myspace and becoming the center of attention, even if it was nothing but drama. Rumors, bullying and disagreements all occur while being connected to social networking. After all of this experience, I realized that teens should reach a certain age before they have access to social networking and be held accountable for their actions. ...more»

One Chic Mama

Spring Forward

Fashion Forward Tips for March

You may already know and love Jack Rogers' eponymous line of Navajo sandals, but did you know the line has expanded? With the same styling of the beloved classics, the line has risen to new heights with the addition of an adorable line of flats, handbags, totes and cosmetic bags. In yummy colors such as seafoam, lilac and platinum, these are the perfect accent to give your wardrobe a fresh edge for spring! Find them at Kristen's Shoe Boutique in Cary and at www.JackRogersUSA.com for $48 - $498....more»

Museum Note

Spring Into Adventure at The Children's Museum

New Exhibits, Slides and More!

Calling all explorers and young adventurers! This spring break, don your fedora and journey to adventure at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Explore five levels of museum fun, discover new exhibits and family favorites and race down the Slide into Adventure as the popular holiday-season slide makes a return visit for spring break....more»

Pediatric Health

Stopping Child Abuse

Putting and End to Abuse One Child at a Time

The statistics are overwhelming. More than 20,000 Indiana children are abused or neglected every year. That breaks down to about 1,700 a month, or 56 kids a day. Translated another way: In every Indiana classroom, there are potentially three children who are suffering from abuse. Every day, children – maybe even someone in your child's classroom – are suffering abuse at the hands of another. ...more»

Publisher's Note

We Need to Unite and Become Involved

Replacing Partisanship with Positivity

The headlines in the papers are disturbing. The dysfunction of both local and national government is suffering from the blame game and the negative attitudes that many of us have. We want to believe there is just one way to fix our ailing economy and are unwilling to compromise our ideas with the proposed solutions of others....more»
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