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Dear Teacher

The International Baccalaureate Program, Tips on Avoiding Homework Battles and Necessary Social Skills for Kindergarten

Your Questions of Teachers—Answered

My seventh-grader is very bright with an IQ of 148. Fortunately, he has been in a full-time gifted program in both elementary and middle school. He will get all A's in a subject like math and then get an occasional D or even an F. When I ask him about this, his reply is always: "Don't worry about it," said with preadolescent overtones....more»

News You Can Use

Contests, Products, News and More

Want to send your son to a football camp—with an NFL player? Sign up for the Indy's Child E-newsletter at www.IndysChild.com on the right-hand side of the screen and we will be running a contest where two entries will be selected to send one child to summer camp with Dwight Freeney....more»

Arts and Enrichment

Finding the Right Niche

Unique Sports Expand Horizons for All Ages

The opportunities available to our kids are amazing. When I was growing up, sports were pretty much limited to football, basketball, track, golf and swimming, along with a few others. Today, it seems, kids can get physical in just about any sport of choice....more»

Publisher's Note

Community Service Builds Self-Esteem

Local Students and Organizations—Champions of Giving

"In giving, we receive." "It's better to give than to receive." You've heard both before, but I would like to extol organizations that have programs that encourage children and families to give back to their communities....more»

Ask a Teen

What We Really Mean When We Say...

An Inside Look at Effective Parent-Teen Communication

In today's parent-teen relationships, there are plenty of pitfalls. In particular, effective communication seems to be a problem. Conveying a thought aloud becomes difficult when a teen says one thing and a parent hears another. So how can parents and teens stay afloat in a sea of ambiguity? Foremost, the answer is openness on both sides....more»

Rave Reviews

Green is Good

Five Eco-Encouraging Reads for Earth Day

Going green is as much about saving, recycling, reusing, refusing and being thrifty as it is about doing your own gardening and composting. But gardening isn't always cheap, so that's why Master Gardener, Rhonda Massingham Hart, has put together 400 quick tips to help you grow beautiful and bountiful plants to keep the kids busy and your bellies full—without breaking the bank....more»

Pediatric Health

Far Too Many Babies are Dying in Indiana

A Message for Parents and Caregivers on Unintentional Suffocation

Most recent data for Indiana, for a three-year period, reflects 60.8 percent of infant deaths under one year of age were attributed to unintentional suffocation....more»

Pediatric Health

Protecting Kids From More Than Just Sunburns

Prevention Now Can Save Lives Later

One blistering sunburn does more than just hurt your young child in the short term. It more than doubles your child's chances of developing melanoma skin cancer later in life....more»


The Importance of Special Needs Planning

Diligence Now Means Security Later

Caring for a child with special needs takes special planning. All too often, we put off the task of planning because it can be overwhelming. This article will outline some of the necessary steps you, with the assistance of a special needs financial planner and qualified attorney, need to take in order to plan appropriately and will identify some of the pitfalls in the planning process....more»

Mommy Magic

Drama Mamas

Energy Vampires—Be Gone!

I have been a mom for over ten years now. Like anything, once you have been doing something for a while, you figure out tricks that help you to be more effective, happy and like the overall process. Let's be honest, motherhood is a process, too! Motherhood is not just a journey of raising our children, it is a process of constantly evolving and growing ourselves while enveloped in the chaos of what we call motherhood....more»

Museum Note

Learning Through Play Isn't Just for Kids

11 Galleries, Loads of Fun

As parents, we know that when our children are having fun learning they don't even realize what they are doing is educational. At The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, we embrace this idea and extend it not only to children but also to the entire family. ...more»

Family Fun in Indy

History in the Making

New Experiences Bring History to You at Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center

Let's face it, sometimes getting kids to share our appreciation of history can be a bit like persuading them to eat their vegetables—we know each veggie is unique, good for you and can be pretty tasty. It's just getting through the first response of, "Eeewwwwwwwwww!" ...more»
Indiana Historical Society: circus day
Race for a Cure