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Ask a Teen

High School Anxiety

What Teens Say, What You Can Do

One extremely common anxiety shared by young teenagers is the high school. Teenagers dread not fitting in or getting bullied. What can one expect when going to into high school? I interviewed ten teens to get my facts straight. How important are first impressions? Do you venture out of your group of friends or keep it close to home? How about peer pressure and how important are sports? Results were mixed, but the answers were overwhelmingly similar....more»

Family Fun in Indy

Art, Nature and Family Time in 100 Acres

New Art & Nature Park at IMA is a Must See

Winnie the Pooh loves his 100-acre wood as much as he loves honey. Now your little "Super Sleuth" can discover his or her own secret passageways in Indianapolis at the new 100 Acres: The Virginia Fairbanks Art & Nature Park at the IMA (Indianapolis Museum of Art)....more»


11th Annual Vintage Indiana Wine and Food Festival Returns

Jon McLaughlin, Jennie DeVoe and NeedToBreathe to Perform Saturday, June 5th

Jon McLaughlin, Jennie DeVoe, NeedToBreathe will entertain at 11th Vintage Indiana Wine & Food Festival Saturday, June 5 ...more»

Pediatric Health

The Best Father's Day Gift

Creating Meaningful Bonds Between Father and Child

Mugs, ties, golf balls and made-with-love cards and crafts are common Father's Day gifts. But this Father's Day, one of the best gifts a dad may receive is one he will give his children: a meaningful bond and relationship. ...more»

Museum Note

Prepare . . . to . . . Rock . . . at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis!

New Exhibit Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars Opens June 12

Get ready for an all-star summer as The Children's Museum of Indianapolis presents its hottest new exhibit, Rock Stars, Cars and Guitars! From Chuck Berry to the Beatles, from Glam Rock to Grunge, rock 'n' roll has shaped American pop culture and rock performers have dazzled us with their sounds and styles. ...more»

Indy Parks

Fantastic Family Fun at Eagle Creek Park—Music, Picnics, Trails and More

Local Parks Offer Full Summer of Family Fun

Indy Parks is proud to have one of the most unique destinations for your family: Eagle Creek Park. This year, we are providing a recipe for family fun by mixing up a batch of magical ingredients that include nature, music, trails, smiles and hands-on learning experiences that will delight kids of all ages....more»

Pediatric Health

A Healthier Tomorrow for Our Families

Startling Obesity Statistics in Children Demands Attention

Given the demands of everyday life, finding the time to make eating healthy and exercising a priority can be tough for many families. ...more»

Mommy Magic

Creating Cherished Summer Childhood Memories

Help Your Kids Have a Memorable Summer

As a kid, summer days seemed endless filled with hours of running through the sprinkler, riding your bike and selling lemonade at the street corner. ...more»

Dear Teacher

Helping Children Make Friends, Summer Plans and Gifted Children, Spelling Words Kids Must Know

Your Questions for Teachers—Answered

I feel so sorry for my 9-year-old son. He never seems to have any friends. He may have a friend for a few days, but his friendships never seem to last very long. He usually plays alone. Is there some way I can help him make and keep friends?...more»


Role Model Relationships

Making Healthy Human Connections

Every parent has hopes and desires for their children. I'll bet high up on your list of wishes is that your children will grow up to be well-adjusted adults who have healthy, nurturing relationships of their own. The example you set for them at home is vital, but so is the experience and advice they can get from other caring adults. Hopefully, your children get positive reinforcement from teachers, extended family members and other community leaders in your area, but camp is another excellent source for finding mentors who can help kids navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of adolescence, figure out who they are and who they want to be on the road to adulthood....more»

Special Needs Awareness

10 Tips for Vacationing with a Child with Autism

Why Pre-Planning is Imperative

Sometimes all you wish for is a vacation. If only you had a vacation ahead of you, all of this stress may seem less. Sometimes it's not that simple, especially for families with children who have autism. These families—and kids—have a right to a great vacation. It may just take a bit more planning....more»

Arts and Enrichment

Swimmers and Skippers

Local Water Sports for the Whole Family

If your kids haven't broken out their swimsuits yet, what's the hold up? It's summer and the area is teeming with fantastic water activities your children won't want to miss. So grab your sunscreen, swimsuit and kids—it's time to get wet! ...more»

News You Can Use

Air Shows, Wish Funds, Science and More!

Your Central Indiana Parenting News

On Saturday, June 19, 2010 10am-1pm in the parking Lot of Lakeshore Chiropractic: A Creating Wellness Center...more»

Indianapolis Zoo

Enjoy a Night Out with Music, Dinner, Animals and the Kids!

Animals and All That Jazz Returns to the Indianapolis Zoo

Those interested in bringing a little music and culture to their families, with the freedom to clap, dance and play around, should "Kick It with the Cool Cats"...more»

Publisher's Note

Indianapolis Gets a New Brand

New Growth Spurs Greater Cooperation

I was born and raised in Indianapolis so I have been part of its evolution. I remember when comedians joked about Indianapolis being India-no-place. How wrong they have proven themselves to be! ...more»
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