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Indiana Mother's Milk Bank Hosts First Annual Cutest Baby Contest at the Indiana State Fair

Promoting Breastfeeding and Education Thoughout Indiana

The Indiana Mothers' Milk Bank (IMMB), one of only 10 nonprofit organizations of its kind in the country, has a lot to celebrate....more»

Publisher's Note

A Personal Perspective on Obesity

Encouraging a Healthy Relationship with Food and Fitness

Obesity is a problem—it has been for generations. Now, it's front and center while being linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and other degenerative diseases. On a plus, however, our culture is becoming more wellness-oriented and conscious about fitness and high-performance in sports, healthy eating and managing stressors of everyday life....more»


A Summertime of Fun At the Indiana State Fair

Fair Celebrates Hoosier Pork Industry with "Year of Pigs" Presented by Indiana Pork Farmers

It's a Hoosier tradition: Salivating over the sweet smell of deep-fried candy bars wafting through the warm summer air, chowing down on roasted corn-on-the-cob near the Midway and catching a big-name concert at the Hoosier Lottery Grandstand with family and friends. They're all part of the state's longest-running tradition, the Indiana State Fair, August 6-22....more»

Mommy Magic

Using Economic Situations as Teachable Moments

Teaching The Value of Money and Giving

As a mom of three children, I have to admit, one good thing about being in a challenging economic time is actually saying "No" to my kids and meaning it! Let's face it, times are tough for majority of people right now and especially if you have kids....more»

Dear Teacher

Ready for the Start of a New School Year?

Advice from Teachers to Make Education Easier

Everyone always talks about getting kids ready to go back to school. Now is the time to think about areas that presented continuous problems last year. Consider your answers to these questions:...more»

Museum Note

Preschool Fun for Everyone

New Preschool—At The Children's Museum of Indianapolis!

August is here, which means it is back-to-school time. With all the big kids heading off to classes, you may be wondering how to keep your little ones occupied....more»

Pediatric Health

The Basics of Backpack Safety

Back Care Now Means Fewer Problems in the Future

Children have to carry textbooks, folders, notebooks and various other supplies to school every day, so their backpacks can quickly become heavy. As a parent, how do you know if your child's backpack is worn properly and light enough to prevent back pains, tingling arms and aching shoulders? Here are some tips:...more»

Indy Parks

Indy Parks' Hands You the Natural Wonders of Our World

Local Parks Provide a Plethora of Earth-Friendly Education

At Indy Parks, an environmental educational "EDventure" is at your fingertips. Without leaving Marion County, you can explore the world and empower your kids to become the next Daniel Boone. It's a true nature experience in an urban environment, with a lifetime of memories courtesy of Mother Earth. ...more»

News You Can Use

News, Events and Information

Informing Parents with Every Issue

Little Drummer Girls and Boys Get Ready to March Drum roll please …for an action packed family fun time at the "Come Feel the Music" Festival on Thursday, August 12....more»

Eco-Mod Mom

Green Clean Options Plus Web Tools Allow You To Chart Conservation Success

Anyone that has ever struggled with a stubborn stain or stinky odor source knows the frustration of trying products and cleaning methods that don't work, or only temporarily mask the problem....more»

Arts and Enrichment

Making the Investment in After School Activities

Local Options Provide a Creative Outlet for Varying Interests

Programs abound for parents looking for extracurricular activities for their child albeit before and afterschool or evenings. Parents are left to decide which program will best fit their schedule, pocketbook and keep their child interested while they are not in school....more»

Pediatric Health

How Important is Childhood Dental Care?

Early Intervention Key to Orthodontic Success

While people typically associate orthodontic visits with teenagers, kids should see an orthodontist well before their teenage years. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends being evaluated by an orthodontist by age seven....more»

Family Fun in Indy

Kid-Friendly Restaurants Are a Parent's Dream

Local Dining Hot Spots Cater to Kids

Close your eyes. Imagine sitting in a comfy chair at a freshly cleaned table with your family. A magician making balloon animals entertaining the kids, and you enjoy it yourself—especially since someone else is doing all the work and cleanup. Just when you start to wonder what this magical place is and whether or not you are dreaming, a waitress approaches the table with spill-proof cups and a couple of kids' meals. "Is this really happening?" you wonder, "Are there really child-friendly restaurants that make it easy for me that the kids actually like?"...more»

Ask a Teen

I Wish That...

Teens Reveal What They Really Wish Parents Did—With a Few Surprising Answers

Parents—Do you want to know what your teens secretly wish you did and didn't do but are too afraid to tell you? Here are ten things that I discovered while interviewing my peers....more»
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