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Publisher's Note

Indianapolis Children's Choir Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Teaching Children to Appreciate and Learn Music

Twenty-five years ago, Henry Leck founded the Indianapolis Children's Choir. Today it is a true Thanksgiving to the Greater Indianapolis area by annually providing over 2,500 children an opportunity to learn and appreciate music....more»

Publisher's Note

Being Thankful By Teaching Tolerance

Using the Holidays to Teach Life Lessons

I can't believe it is already November! The holiday season officially begins this month. This is a great time of year to plan celebrations with family and friends and to reflect on the past year....more»

News You Can Use

Contests, Special Events, Promises and More

Paths to QUALITY™, Indiana's Voluntary Quality Rating and Improvement System for Child Care Programs Launches Sign Campaign Child Care Answers has unveiled a brand-new sign and banner program that allows parents to recognize which businesses and child care agencies that are recognized by Paths to QUALITY™ as high quality child care organizations....more»

Indy Parks

Holiday Happiness at Indy Parks

Create Holiday Memories at Family-Friendly Events

As another holiday season swoops into our lives, it's important to make time with the people we love....more»

Dear Teacher

How to Handle an Underachiever, What is Parents' Role in Teaching Children, Handling a Misbehaving First Grader

Your Questions of Teachers—Answered

How to Handle an Underachiever Question: We have been struggling with our 10-year-old son, who is definitely an underachiever....more»

Arts and Enrichment

Off the Beaten Path

Teaching Children to Embrace Culture Through Local Programs

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself." –Galileo As human beings, we often seek comfort in an identity, a label or mental picture personified....more»

Women's Health

Artificial Sweeteners Work Against Weight Loss

Why the Fake Stuff Increases Calorie Intake and Increases Risk of Diabetes

Thinking that changing from sugar to an artificial sweetener like NutraSweet or Splenda will help with weight loss? Well, think again....more»

Mommy Magic

Doing Life Together

Creating a Friendship Network

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I find myself taking stock in what I am grateful for as a mother....more»

Museum Note

Pole to Pole

Exhibit, Polar Bears to Penguins, Open Until January 2, 2011

Polar Bears, penguins, and ice, oh my! Come to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis and you can learn about all three right now in the latest exhibit, Polar Bears to Penguins....more»

Pediatric Health

What You Need to Know About Iron Deficiency Anemia

Common Deficiency Can Cause Numerous Health Issues

Today's supermarket shelves carry a limitless array of iron-fortified foods and vitamin supplements....more»

Pediatric Health

Defending Against Diabetes

Understanding the Importance of Early Diagnosis

It's not unlikely that in your child's school there's at least one child – probably more – with type 1 diabetes....more»

Family Fun in Indy

Ho Ho Holiday Shopping in Indy

Museums Offer Unique Gifts This Holiday Season

The people on your list are special; so, why settle for a generic gift this holiday season? Indianapolis is home to several unique museums that have charming gift shops, which offer unique presents that you won't find anywhere else....more»
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