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Parenting 101

Bottle Weaning for Beginners

You've made it through baby's first year and have entered the infamous terrible twos. You've survived baby's first teeth, first words and first steps and now the two of you are off and running....more»

Parenting 101

Potty Training 101

Help Your Child Achieve This Important Milestone

For many parents, just the thought of potty training makes them squirm uncomfortably. However, the process doesn't have to be toilsome....more»

Indy Parks

100 Years. 100 Parks. 100 Miles.

Take the Challenge

Do you know how many Indy Parks we have in Marion County? If you don't, you're not alone. Most people guess the number is between 20 and 100....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Puberty Workshop for Girls and their Parents

Helping Girls with Special Needs Understand Puberty

Ready to talk to your daughter with special needs about her period? Maybe. Maybe not. Since puberty won't wait on parents' preparedness for "the talk," it may be wise for families to attend the upcoming puberty workshop for girls with special needs....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Summer Camp Savvy for Families with Kids with Special Needs

How to Find the Right Camp for your Kid

March it may be but summer is right around corner. Yippee! Summertime means sunshine, sunblock and summer camp....more»

Special Needs Awareness

The Second Step: Transitioning a Child with Autism Out of First Steps

What to Expect Once Your Child Leaves First Steps

Indiana First Steps early intervention program can be a blessing for families who catch their child's autism early....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Area Allies for Autism

A Profile on the New Indiana Allies Program


March Against Bullying

Understanding How to Recognize and Prevent Bullying

Nationwide surveys show that bullying is a widespread problem for children, both in and out of school....more»

Mommy Magic

Keeping Up With Changing Times

Embracing the "Going Green" Trend

I am not an old mom (yet) or a young mom (anymore). I am in the middle...so middle aged mom, I guess....more»

Dear Teacher

Kindergarten Homework, Benefits of the PTA and the Importance of Correct Spelling

Your Questions of Teachers Answered

What to Do about Two Hours of Kindergarten Homework Question: My 5-year-old daughter has a lot of homework in kindergarten as much as two hours occasionally....more»

Pediatric Health

Understanding Pediatric Seizures and Epilepsy

Know How to Identify, Treat, and Cope with Seizures and Epilepsy

Living with seizures If you've ever seen a child experience a seizure, you know it can be a frightening thing for a parent to witness....more»

Museum Note

Costumes Are Incredible!

New Exhibit Opening at the Children's Museum

Encouraging a preschooler to play dress up is usually as easy as bringing out a box of scarves, hats and other old clothes....more»

Pediatric Health

When Food is Foe

Early Intervention, Family Involvement is Key to Overcoming Eating Disorders

By this point in the new year, many people's diets and fitness regimens have fallen by the wayside. But for the millions of Americans who suffer from eating disorders, calorie counting is a year-round obsession....more»

Publisher's Note

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis—Better than Ever!

It was wonderful to see parents and children interacting at so many of exhibits at The Children's Museum....more»

Special Needs Awareness

The Special Needs of Special Needs Parents

Taking Care of Children with Special Needs Includes Taking Care of You

The Special Needs of Special Needs Parents As parents, lets admit it—we're exhausted. Now imagine you're the parent of a child with special needs on top of it, the word "exhaustion" seems too trivial to describe how you feel some days....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Top 10 Books for Parents of Children with Autism

The Hamilton County Autism Support Group is a dynamic organization that supports area families affected by autism and works to increase community awareness of the disorder....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Building Social Skills Through Peer Buddies

Mentoring Provides Significant Benefits for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Midwest Academy students recently initiated a new peer buddy program. Aptly named The Girls' Group, this student-led organization of about 25 connects middle school girls with high school girls in a social setting....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Finding Relief Through Respite Care

Temporary Respite is a Welcome Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs

If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to raise a child with special needs? Possibly a village and frequent doses of respite care....more»

Special Needs Awareness

A Healthy Start to a Bright Smile

Taking Special Care Now Means a Healthier Smile Tomorrow

It's National Children's Dental Health Month. Has your child been to the dentist lately? If your child is one year old or older, the answer is hopefully yes....more»

Special Needs Awareness

February 2011 Special Needs Calendar

What's Going on in Indy!

Check out what's happening in Indianapolis this month for the special needs community... What: Spanish-Speaking Support Group sponsored by the Autism Society of America-Indiana Chapter When: Feb....more»

Family Fun in Indy

Rooms with a View

Turn Local Hotels into a Romantic Weekend Getaway

The kids are away for the weekend, your cell phone is turned off and nothing needs your attention until Monday....more»

Dear Teacher

Right- or Left-handed, Math Story Problem Help and What Norm-Referenced Tests Will Tell You

Your Questions of Teachers Answered

What Norm-referenced Tests Will Tell You Question: Recently, my third-grader was given what is called a norm-referenced test....more»

Mommy Magic

Balancing Motherhood

Think About Yourself as We Head into Spring

The balancing act of motherhood is a constant effort to make it all work. Sometimes I visualize myself spinning five plates (okay maybe ten) all at one time....more»

Pediatric Health

Acupuncture Breaks Through as Treatment for Children

Ancient Technique Finds Applications in Young Patients

While I was undergoing specialized medical training in the 3,000-year-old practice of acupuncture, an unlikely patient approached me....more»

Pediatric Health

Happy, Healthy Hearts

How to Keep Your Child's Heart Healthy

Most kids are born with a healthy heart—a fact many of us take for granted. That's why it's important to keep your child's heart in shape with heart-healthy food and plenty of cardio exercise....more»

Pediatric Health

It's Time to Smile!

All About Childhood Dental Health

At Dr. Carol McKown's office, everything is designed to put her pediatric dentistry patients at ease, from the Alice in Wonderland theme and the TVs with cartoons on, to the flavored gloves the staff wear (orange, grape or bubblegum) and the toy tower full of prizes for being a good patient....more»

Women's Health

Prevention is Best in the Fight Against Heart Disease

Take a Moment to Think About Cardiovascular Health

February brings to mind visions of red hearts and Valentine's Day, and it is also a good time to think about those diseases which can literally break your heart....more»

Indy on a Budget

10 Tips to Get Back What You Paid

Tricks and Tips on Becoming a Indy Resale Pro

Savvy shoppers can often break even on purchases by buying items and re-selling them when they're outgrown....more»
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