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Family Features

Car Tips for Your Winter Trip

Staying safe

Before you hit the road this winter, make sure your car and car insurance are ready for the journey. Planning ahead can help avoid mishaps that could ruin your vacation....more»

Family Features

Spooktacular Halloween Fun for Pets

Dressing up pets for Halloween

(Family Features) Halloween is a great opportunity to include the whole family in festivities, including your pet....more»

Ten Ways to be a Fit Family

Families have every excuse to forgo fitness - hectic schedules, shorter days, cooler temperatures - but forget about it! Parents pull it together and get your family active....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Ten Resources for Kids with Dyslexia

If your child has dyslexia, or you suspect he does, know that he is not alone. In fact, almost one in seven people in the United States have dyslexia to some degree....more»

Publisher's Note

Ten Years Makes a Big Difference

Visiting the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero

I was in New York City this past month and visited Ground Zero. It was my ninth visit since the World Trade Center was attacked and 9/11 became an infamous day....more»

Indy Parks

Halloween Haunts and Autumn Activities

Fall Fun at Indy Parks

It's time to feel the crisp, cool air on your cheeks and hear the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. Autumn in Indy Parks is full of festive activities to create fun, family memories while enjoying our natural amenities....more»


ZooBoo Means Family Fun

At The Indianapolis Zoo

In recent years, Halloween has vied with Christmas as the most popular annual holiday to celebrate, especially as Halloween fun has gradually replaced Halloween fright....more»

Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight

Energy Efficiency Kit from IPL Indianapolis Power & Light is offering their customers an opportunity to get FREE help in saving energy and money....more»

Women's Health

Knowledge is Power: How Breast Awareness Saves Lives

Breast care, physical health and support systems

Breast health is an important topic in women's health today, as it is vital for women to become educated and proactive in their breast care....more»

When Divorce Happens

Handling the difficult time

Divorce is a part of many children's lives. According to the Enrichment Journal on the divorce rates in America, the rate for a first marriage is 41 percent and the rate for a second marriage is 60 percent....more»

Fall Fun in Indy

Festivals, local attractions and more

Fall brings out the sweater-and-jeans wardrobes that many love so much. But with the cooler weather also comes great opportunities to get out and enjoy the Circle City's fun fall activities....more»

Preschool Enrichment

Local learning programs

Four-year-old Sophie Etnier says she's going to be a ballet teacher when she grows up. She comes home from her ballet class at the JCC of Indianapolis and refuses to take off her tutu as she's got her own dance class to teach....more»

Women's Health

Beating Breast Cancer in Indiana

Stories from two local mothers

In 2007 Traci Runge quietly donated her own healthy breast tissue to the Komen Tissue Bank. It was a gesture she did to honor an acquaintance who was battling the disease....more»

Special Needs Awareness

Finding Fitness for Kids with Special Needs

Incorporating activity into your child's daily life

Sometimes a good, hard workout is all it takes to turn a day around. The mental clarity a spin class, game of pick-up basketball, or simple walk around the block can bring to an individual is priceless and sometimes is the only real way to find life's center....more»

Special Needs Awareness

17 Going on 18: Transitioning Kids on the Autism Spectrum Into Adulthood

The key things to set in motion

Parents of kids with autism tediously prepare their child for a school bus ride. They plan ad nauseum for a family vacation....more»

Indy on a Budget

Indy on a Budget

Do-it-Yourself Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, which means the time has come to start thinking about costumes! But this year's costumes don't need to be expensive, uncreative or store-bought horrors....more»

Women's Health

Girlfriend Talk: On Maternity Care

Special event for moms-to-be

Sometimes you just need a girlfriend to talk to. A girlfriend's reassurance is particularly important when you are facing a "big life moment....more»

Museum Note

Pack Your Bags—It is Time for a Vampire Vacation!

At The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

At The Children's Museum of Indianapolis they are eagerly awaiting the opening of the 48th annual Haunted House....more»

Pediatric Health

Understanding Back Pain

Warning signs and treatment options

If your child complains about or shows signs of back pain, it could be caused by a wide variety of issues. The most common cause is muscle sprain and strain....more»


American Heart Association

Kids with Heart Program

Just five hours after he was born, Dylan Nichols was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Born without a pulmonary valve, Dylan underwent heart surgery when he was just three days old....more»

Dear Teacher

Your Questions of Teachers — Answered

Evaluating a Young Child's Writing Skills Question: My fourth-grader's writing is very sloppy, and she misspells a lot of words....more»

Mommy Magic

Halloween Traditions

Making lasting memories with your family

Halloween is now ranked as the second most popular holiday of the year. Of course, Christmas is ranked first, but Halloween is closing in on it....more»
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