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Do Downtown with Dad!

There are plenty of cost-friendly options to explore with Dad this Father's Day. Treat the man of the house to museums, music, a steak dinner and much more all weekend long....more»

10 new summer movies your kids shouldn't miss

If the rain outside is keeping you from the pool and friends, take advantage of this perfect day for a movie! Visit a theatre in your area and see any of these new, popular movies this summer....more»

When Mom or Dad is in the Military

Helping children deal with long-term separation

Mindy was 32 weeks pregnant when her husband Rob left for Afghanistan. "Watching the busses drive away was the worst feeling in the world – all the 'what ifs' started entering my mind," Mindy recalls....more»


Kindness Counts

After other achievements fade, how we treat others matters most

I was recently invited to a baby shower where the hostess passed out a 4x6 notecard asking all the guests to write down their best piece of advice for the new mother-to-be. As everyone thoughtfully wrote on their card, I sat their stumped. How was I going to put down all the advice I wanted to share with this new mom?...more»
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St. Francis
Race for a Cure