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Parenting Bloopers!
Share your parenting bloopers with us! The funnier and more embarrassing the better! Many of these stories may even appear in Indy's Child Magazine!

Name: Sandra Washington

Your Story: My son whom is 17 years old has always had a fascination with nature, and science. During his earlier years (2 years old) he was in awe with the moon, well to make a long story short, every morning around 5:30 am I would leave my home with him and his sister in tow heading to daycare, so that I could get to work. And every morning he would look for the moon, he would ask "Mommy is the moon always big and round and shiny?" of course I said yes. Then one morning it happened!! He started screaming, and kicking his little legs inside his car seat. I thought something was hurting him, like a tummy ache, so when I asked "whats wrong?" He looked at me with his weepy brown eyes and said "The moon is broke, why is it broke, you said its always round and shiny?" Not understanding what he meant, I looked up into the sky and it was a half moon. This was a part of science I forgot to explain.

Name: Valerie Baten

Your Story: I told my twin 6 year olds about how bad smoking is. The next time they saw someone smoking in public, they both started pointing and told me to look at the person with the "smoking stick." Then they asked me "that person's going to die, right?" All within earshot of the smoker of course.
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