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Press Release Guidelines
Midwest Parenting Publications is a member of the Parenting Publications of America, the leading force in parenting publications throughout the United States. As such, we are required to notify you of our new PR and Product Review guidelines. As the nature of publishing changes, we have found that most marketing companies are under the impression that if they send a press release or product that it guarantees placement. We understand that many mom-bloggers resort to this tactic of freebies for coverage. As a publication with a desire to employ the strictest of journalistic ethics, we do not subscribe to this methodology. On any given day we receive over 500 pitches for products. For one individual handling this, it's a full-time job that simply does not exist. We have found that may firms have resorted to making numerous sales-pitch, pressure-filled (and sometimes ill-mannered) phone calls and excessive e-mails. Not only is this stressful for our small staff, it is very time consuming. We understand that not all firms operate in this manner, but when the calls and e-mails begin to disrupt the ebb and flow of our operations—it must be addressed.

Here are our new guidelines.

1. We choose to cover items we feel would be a necessary fit for any given month and phone calls and e-mails will not sway decisions.

2. Despite the fact that product has been sent or requested, it doesn't guarantee placement.

3. If we review your product, we will give an honest assessment of the item—good or bad. Please be aware that if you're sending a product that we feel isn't a good fit, a potential safety hazard or otherwise not noteworthy, we will, as a part of our journalistic integrity, be required to notify our readers of such assessments.

4. However, should you like to guarantee placement in any given issue, you may purchase a listing in our product review sections for $250. Placement will be marked with the title "advertisement" and include a 50-word description, image, web site, cost and where to purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a product placement, simply e-mail us of your interest.

4. Due to the sheer number of items that we are sent, products are not returned. Please don't send items you require to be returned.

5. If you want to be notified when your info is printed, we suggest that you subscribe to a clipping service, such as Bacon's.

Thank you for your understanding as we try to make the most of our day. We hope you understand our new position for journalistic excellence and appreciate your patience.

Should you have any questions whatsoever regarding these new policies, simply e-mail Megan Kirschner.

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