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Gut Check

For years, Elisabeth Hasselbeck — TV host and former Survivor contestant — couldn’t figure out what made her sick with unrelenting bloating, cramps and diarrhea....more»

No Bones About It

Just around the time we come into motherhood, we begin witnessing our mothers and grandmothers suffer broken wrists, hips and spines....more»

Tackling Childhood Obesity

What’s the number one health concern of parents in the U.S? Childhood obesity, according to the American Heart Association....more»

Heads Up

It’s a common scenario in school sports: a child gets a blow to the head, and goes on playing despite impairment signs like haziness, headache or confusion....more»

Join the Heart Walk!

Most high school students don’t think too much about heart disease. Katelynne Newton surely didn’t. But in 2012, Newton, who had been a gymnast and a member of the Avon High School Dance ...more»
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