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Special Needs Articles

Autism Early Intervention

Growing awareness about autism is fueling a push for earlier intervention aimed at shoring up deficits in a child’s brain development giving them a better chance to catch up....more»

Special Needs Adoption

D o you think anyone will want me? The quiet question from a 14 year-old girl with special needs still sticks with Anna Wolak, Director of Adoption Recruitment for the Children’s Bureau Inc....more»

When It’s Not the Picture Perfect Holiday

Every family has their own treasured holiday traditions -- from trimming the tree, to opening gifts or gathering for a family feast....more»

Sensory-Friendly Holiday Events

Christmas lights, "Jingle Bells" and stores busy with shoppers are staples of the holiday season, but for children on the autism spectrum, the chaos of unfamiliar sights and sounds can be overwhelming....more»

Superpower Smile

Dancer. Down syndrome advocate. Poet. Cancer survivor. Beauty queen. At only 17, Mickey Deputy has risen to life’s challenges again and again, inspiring her parents, friends, teachers and even ...more»
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