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Education Articles

Understanding the Montessori Method

Imagine a beautiful classroom filled with children who are fully absorbed in the activities that interest them most....more»

Ask the Teacher

M y second grade daughter does not have a best friend at school. She seems to like school well enough, but she doesn’t show particular interest in any one person or ask to have anyone over....more»

Preparing for the IEP Meeting

Indianapolis mom Erin S. first learned about Individualized Education Programs, or IEPs, when her youngest son was identified as having ADHD....more»

What’s Cool at Public School

Student engagement is the spark that lights a flame of interest, which can ignite a fire that grows into a passion....more»

Fast Friends

Navigating the waters of childhood friendships can be surprisingly difficult for parents. How do help your kids learn how to make friends? What if your child has a friend you don’t like? Should ...more»
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