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SIDS: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

SIDS refers to the apparently inexplicable death of babies in the first year of life. While physicians and researchers still do not know what causes SIDS, some believe that abnormalities or the "immature ...more»

What’s in a Name?

How many Jacksons, Sophias, Emmas and Aidans have you met this year? BabyCenter.com is out with its annual list of most popular names....more»

What I Didn’t Expect When Expecting

Congratulations: you’re pregnant! Now what? If you’re a mom-to-be, put your feet up and get reading! While you may be aware of the morning sickness in your future, there are many lesser-known ...more»

Bigger than the Blues

"You are not alone." When asked if she had any advice for other moms struggling with postpartum depression, these wise words are what Indianapolis mom, Rachel, chose to share....more»

Managing Multiples

Picture this: your home pregnancy test comes back positive, so you schedule an appointment with your doctor. You arrive at your ultrasound, and lay down while the tech gets down to business. And there ...more»
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