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Introducing Your Child to the Arts

This summer, 6-year-old Uma Manning and her brother, 10-year-old Jackson, took a week-long art camp at the Indianapolis Museum of Art....more»

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

It’s time for my kids and I to make our weekly trip to the grocery store. I have my usual list. This week for added excitement my wife tacked on a few mystery ingredients too....more»

Reach Out and Read

Mission: Prepares America’s youngest children to succeed in school by partnering with doctors to prescribe books and encourage families to read together. ...more»

The Importance of Preschool Enrichment

Stephanie Becher has the pleasure of listening to her two-year-old daughter sing songs she learned from her preschool enrichment class at The Music Playhouse....more»

10 Best Apps for Kids

Tozzle: With over 40 puzzles and fun animations, this app will keep your toddler entertained as he or she learns to improve shape recognition and motor activity....more»

My Two Year Old is Trying to Kill Me

At home, he spills his sippy-cup on the floor. I then walk into the room, unknowingly stumbling into a puddle of 2%....more»

Baby Gear on a Budget

Walk into any baby gear aisle—especially baby superstores—and prepare to be overwhelmed by the thousands of items vying for your dollars....more»

Understanding Children's Mental Health

As a parent, there is perhaps nothing more difficult than the nagging feeling that something is "not quite right" with your child....more»

Summer Bucket List

Get Carside Service at Mug ‘n Bun Drive-In Pull in to a parking space at this 1950s-style drive-in and show the kids a glimpse of the golden days....more»

Ear Infections in Children

Your baby is pulling at her ear and is extremely fussy. You fear it’s an ear infection. Again. Sound familiar? Ear infections are a common ailment in the first couple years of a child’s ...more»
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