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Fast Friends

Navigating the waters of childhood friendships can be surprisingly difficult for parents. How do help your kids learn how to make friends? What if your child has a friend you don’t like? Should ...more»

Ten Tips for Talking to Tweens

L aying the groundwork for positive communication Jennifer Garcia As any parent of a tween knows, this stage of development comes with its own unique set of challenges....more»

Kids and Cyber Safety

Ever asked your kid to help you download an app on your smartphone or set up a Twitter account? It seems like children are born computer experts, but there is still a great deal they don’t often ...more»

National Bullying Awareness Month

When my husband and I found out we were having a baby girl four years ago, I was scared. Along with all the stresses (and joys) that come along with raising a girl, I thought about my own childhood....more»
Race for a Cure
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