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Mary Wynne Cox
Publisher // President of Sales & Business Development
E-mail: publisher@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-722-8500 ext. 101
Cell: 317-710-6622

Jennica Zalewski
Sales and Business Development
E-mail: jennica@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-722-8500 Ext. 109

Susan Bryant
E-mail: Susan@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-722-8500

Jennifer Beahrs
Advertising Coordinator
E-mail: jbeahrs@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-662-0765

Wendy Cox
Public Relations // Events Coordinator // Web Editor
E-mail: wendy@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-722-8500, ext. 120

Katie Clark
Creative Director
E-mail: katie@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-722-8500

Maria Tancredi
Design // Web Development
E-mail: maria@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-722-8500

Roxanne Burns
Business Manager // Accounting
E-mail: roxanne@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-722-8500 Ext. 107

Wendy Schrepferman
Editorial Assistant
E-mail: s.wendy@indyschild.com
Phone: 317-722-8500 Ext. 120

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