Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Autobot Finds Earth Home at The Children’s Museum

by Rachel Lemon

May 01, 2011

An alien from Cybertron has landed and found a new home on Earth at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Bumblebee, the Autobot from movie, "Transformers", is the new permanent pop culture icon to the museum. The sculpture stands 16-feet-tall and weighs almost a ton.

Bumblebee joins forces with Dale Chihuly’s Fireworks of Glass; Bucky the T. rex; Martimus, the Museum’s stuffed polar bear; the Museum’s Mastodon; the largest water clock in North America; and the Rebuen Wells steam engine in becoming an icon of The Children’s Museum. The Museum chose to collect Bumblebee because it is an iconic object known throughout many generations that inspires imagination and creativity.

Contrary to the character, the Bumblebee sculpture didn’t exactly come from Cybertron, it was generated by the special effects company FXperts, Inc. (John Frazier Special Effects). It was created for the 2007 “Transformers” movie after film director Michael Bay requested a full-size Transformer.

Even though the Bumblebee sculpture looks like it’s made from one car, it is mostly made up of 300 parts and 200 molds that were done by hand. The tires, grill, and Chevy logo were molded from existing parts, while the license plate is the only real car part. The piece took approximately three months from sketches to painting to completion. It also took three sculptors and four mold makers to create it, and three people to assemble the parts and build the frame.

The Bumblebee sculpture had a chance to explore the world before settling down in its permanent home at The Children’s Museum. It has traveled to places such as Japan, Korea, London, Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago and New York. It has also made appearances at the Los Angeles movie premieres, Universal Studios, the Cannes Film Festival, and the Indy 500. Now Bumblebee is content protecting its new home from the Decepticons and other evil forces.

Movie scenes in which the Bumblebee was used:

• When the characters Sam and Mikaela are first introduced to the Autobots

• While Bumblebee is being captured by Sector 7 with a helicopter

• In the interior of the Hoover Dam

• On the back of a tow truck during the final battle sequences