Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Top 10 Ways of Introducing New Foods to Kids with Autism

by Jennifer Pace

June 01, 2011

1. Involve kids in meal planning and preparation at the store and in the kitchen

In order to get an entire family onboard with trying new foods for healthy eating changes, parents need to involve children in going to the market to help select food.

Asking kids to pick out which crown of broccoli, red peppers or bag of carrots to buy is great, but don't stop there. Ask them to help you prepare the meal in the kitchen and they will be very excited about eating at mealtime.

2. Have children write the grocery list

Asking kids to help write the list makes them feel grown-up and they enjoy finding those foods at the store to put in the cart.

3. Don't give up

Keep offering the same food repeatedly, up to 15 times over the course of a week. By the twelfth time, children will usually eat something new.

4. Repetition is key

Showing pictures of new foods to try and talking about them creates an excitement to try something new.

5. Have fun

Make meal planning and preparation fun, not a chore.

6. Practice

Like anything else that is new, sometimes it just takes practice to learn to eat new foods.

7. Eat together

Make meals a social family time of eating together and new foods will likely be well-received.

8. Make positive comments about the way food smells, feels and tastes

Mentioning pleasant tastes and textures can inspire children to try new foods.

9. Try new recipes

New recipe's that contain the same foods give a different presentation and flavor.

10. Pair trying new foods with an old favorite or pair with a reward food

Place the new food next to an old favorite or reward kids with a favorite dessert or snack for eating new foods first.