Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Making Delivery as Unique as Each Mother and Child
Monogram Maternity Program

July 01, 2011

There’s no bigger, more life-changing moment than welcoming a child into the world. It’s an amazing time in a woman’s life. But let’s face it. It can be scary, too, if it’s your first birth… or if you have health concerns… or if you are just unsure of what to expect.

“A lot of women are fearful about giving birth,” said Michelle Slayman, R.N., director of perinatal services at St.Vincent Carmel Hospital. “That fear leads to stress and a feeling of being out of control—and that can impact a woman’s physical health and certainly her overall birth experience.”

That’s why both St.Vincent Carmel and St.Vincent Women’s Hospitals have implemented a program aimed at making that connection prior to birth and creating the opportunity to share information, address any concerns and, ultimately, work together to create the type of birth experience moms desire.

Called Monogram Maternity, the program centers around creating a personalized experience for mother, baby and family—an experience unique to each woman. “We work together to create an experience that is designed just the way the mom-to-be wants it. It takes into account her needs, her preferences and the way she wants to welcome her child into the world,” said Kathy Ryan, R.N., clinical supervisor of the family care unit at St.Vincent Women’s Hospital.

Ryan said Monogram Maternity is an extension of the hospital’s overarching patient-centered care philosophy—a belief that when medical care is provided with the patient as the central focus it can improve health, efficiency of care, patient satisfaction and outcomes.

“Better communication between patient and caregivers lends itself to a more calm environment and one where there is trust,” said Ryan. “That’s exactly what we’ve created with Monogram Maternity.”

Through the program, patients are introduced to the hospital early on in their pregnancy. They are given the opportunity to start making selections about specialized care they may need or classes or appointments they want. As they inch closer to their due date, they meet with a Nurse Navigator to talk about their preferences, such as the kind of pain management they want – options may include tub labor, birthing ball or epidural – or comfort measures they’re interested in, such as breathing techniques, massages for hands and feet, or clinical aromatherapy.

The hospital also uses the time to tour the hospital, talk about any concerns, help moms understand what they can and cannot control, and outline a personalized plan of what each woman desires.

“This time of talking greatly alleviates anxiety and gives us an opportunity to support the mom and help her understand we do everything we can to put her and her child’s safety first,” said Slayman.