Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Teach Your Children the Love of Giving from their Hearts and Hands
Homemade gifts make memorable treasures

by Barbara Wynne

August 01, 2011

Piper Murphy, age 7, made my birthday truly special. I now have notepaper complete with her tennis art and a beautiful notation on the back. Although Piper is only 7-years-old, she is both compassionate and caring and I will love her original art forever.

Making handmade gifts for loved ones makes them memorable. Piper loves tennis and I love being her teacher. I believe that a good teacher treasures giving away her knowledge and talents to others. I have truly enjoyed teaching children tennis for over 47 years and it is so rewarding when you feel the love and appreciation from those you are teaching. Piper, your handmade love-gifts of your original art and notepaper will always be among my favorite memories.

Piper has art talent and is blessed to have a mother, Molly Murphy, to encourage her to use her creativity in such a wonderful way. Everyone appreciates a gift that is handmade and bundled with love. My new notepaper will no doubt need a reorder before long. I only know that each note I write will get a love stamp and I will always seal them with special love from Piper. Thank you Piper, I love my Birthday gift!

I hope that all of our readers have a special year at school and enjoy our Back-to-School issue of Indy’s Child.