Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Top 10 Toys for Kids with Special Needs
Picking the right toys in Indy this holiday season

by Carrie Bishop

December 01, 2011

Admit it. You love toys. You use your kid as an excuse to buy toys. Donít be ashamed, embrace it and do it right this holiday. Jeri Dorsey, buyer at Kits & Kaboodle Classic Toys, says parents of children with special needs should check out these top toys this year:

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Corolle Ragdoll Poppy is a delight for the very young with enchanting combinations of textures and colors. Ages 0+

Fun Horizon Bobbie and Friends musical plush promotes fine motor and auditory skills. Ages 6 months +

Bkids Lightín Sound tubes helps kids learn cause and effect by discovering how the ball rolls. The toy also encourages the use of motor skills and promotes auditory tracking skills and awareness of sounds. Ages 9 months +

ImagAbility Wee Wedgits is an open-ended building set that introduces angles, color matching and creative free play. Ages 1+

ImagAbility Wedgits Starter Tote, like the Wee Wedgits, is an open-ended building set that promotes tactile exploration, the use of motor skills, and stimulates available vision. Ages 2+

Bruder Roadmax Garbage Truck promotes exploration of environment, introduces cause and effect, and promotes use of motor skills. Ages 2+

Alex 3 in 1 Music Island for the bath features a drum, xylophone and jingle shaker on a floating island to promote awareness of sounds, auditory tracking skills and tactile exploration. Ages 3+

Woodstock Bong Drum is sized just right for children. The toy features wood construction and natural drumheads, encourages motor skills, and promotes awareness of sound. Ages 3+

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube is an interactive music toy that lets children add and subtract instruments of a symphony. It promotes motor skills, auditory tracking skills, and light stimulation. All ages

Playmobil toys stimulate imagination and encourages motor skills and exploration of the environment. Ages 4+