Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Springtime is Upon Us
Embrace the season and all it has to offer

by Mary Wynne Cox

March 01, 2012

Spring is in the air! I love this time of year when the stores and advertisements introduce spring with lots of color, flowers and happy vibes. We officially welcome in one of my favorite seasons on March 20. We also welcome the longer evenings of light and sun with Daylight Savings Time beginning on March 11. The longer days allow our children more time to play outside and get more exercise after the school day is over.

I truly love living in the Midwest where we have the chance to experience all of the seasons. There is definitely a reason for each season. Summer is the time for fun, swimming, family vacations, amusement parks, air conditioning, easy dressing, flip flops, ice cream and fireworks. As we welcome fall, we celebrate the beautiful foliage, Halloween, cooler weather, football games and bonfires. Our winter season is our nesting time with nightfall beginning in the early evening, snow, ice, fires, and chilly weather. And then we welcome spring!

One of my favorite quotes is, “The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created spring” by Bern Williams. Spring brings new beginnings, new hope, warmer air, tulips, buds and a noticeable smile on many of our neighbors. It is only March so we still have possible snow and ice to endure, but this is the month that all the changes begin and I can feel it in my entire being.

March is also the month of spring break for our children. It is a fun time for all families to take a break from homework and the rules of school and enjoy a little extra family time. Take advantage of this time to build some family memories. Plan a local getaway by reading our top picks on Staycations in Indy (page 56). Check out the many great events going on this month on our calendar (page 60) or on our Web site at We will also have tons of tickets to great spring events to give away via Facebook contests, our e-newsletter and our Web site.

Here is a cute poem, by an unknown author, to share with your children:

March Wind

March wind is a jolly fellow;

He likes to joke and play.

He turns umbrellas inside out

And blows men's hats away.

He calls the pussy willows

And whispers in each ear,

"Wake up you lazy little seeds,

Don't you know that spring is here.

Happy Spring Indy’s Child readers!