Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Putting Your Passions, Skills and Talents to Use
Don't waste the gifts bestowed to you

by Mary Susan Buhner

May 01, 2012

My oldest daughter has a gift for drawing, sketching, and painting. She has been a wonderful artist since she was a little girl in pigtails. Not being able to draw more than a stick figure myself, I am in awe of this natural talent and skill. It was nothing we taught her to do. Rather, she was just born with the ability to draw. Of course, my daughter’s not the only person who has an innate talent. The way I see it, all of us have specific gifts, especially us moms!

Let’s face it, as a mom we have the gift of multitasking in the bag. There is, however, more to each of us than just being able to fold laundry, make dinner and kiss a boo boo on a skinned knee (all at the same time, of course). For some, it may be the gift of singing, for others, it might be teaching, photography, cooking, baking, dancing, swimming, running, writing—the list goes on.

I see these talents, these innate abilities, as God-given gifts. I visualize it kind of like this: Imagine that you are sitting at your kitchen table with God. He places a beautifully wrapped gift in front of you, and pushes it toward you. You look at it for a minute, touch the big bow, and admire the expert wrapping. God says, “Go ahead, open it.”

You have three choices.

One: You can get excited about opening the gift, and rip the paper from the box. When you do, you realize that the package contains a very specific talent or skill. You quickly realize that this special gift is meant for you and only for you! God gave it to you, and you decide, then and there, to use and develop it throughout your life.

Two: You open the gift, but decide not to use it—and like anything else that goes unused, the gift eventually withers and dies. Have you ever given a special gift to someone and after spending time creating it, you found out that they shoved it in a closet never to be used? Not a good feeling. Same goes with not cultivating and using your own innate gifts and talents. Don’t shove them away never to be used. Not only is that sad for you, but disappointing to those around you who could have and would have benefited from your special skill set.

Three: You could sit and stare at the beautifully wrapped gift, never opening it. You push it across the table, as you shake your head and say, “No thanks. Not for me. Don’t want to know what it is, don’t want to use it. It would be better if you just took the gift back.” Of course, God never takes it back, He always leaves the gift on the table. You then spend a lifetime just staring at it, never really understanding how special the gift is inside the box.

The next time you walk by your kitchen table, visualize a beautifully wrapped gift there for you, just waiting to be opened. What would you do? If you unwrapped your gift today, what would be inside the package? Would you have the courage to use the gift?

The exciting news is that we live in a world where we as moms can use our gifts in limitless ways, and fulfill our passions and dreams while doing it. I know many moms who have made the decision to use their special talents while being a mom. One mom I know started a catering business because she loves to cook. Another creates personalized stationary because she loves to create art with paper. Another uses her gift for music to help teach children piano.

Whatever your passion, skill, and talent might be, don’t waste it. Use it! So the next time you walk by your kitchen table, make the choice to unwrap your special gift. It is there waiting for you to use it, develop it and be proud of it!