Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Cars with ‘Tude - You Design It!
At-home activity provided by The Children's Museum

by Nicole Schoville

May 01, 2012

This month, The Children’s Museum opens the new exhibit Hot Wheels For Real™ featuring both toy-size and life-size Hot Wheels® vehicles. Hot Wheels® cars are made for speed and attitude and Hot Wheels® designers work hard at creating different attitudes for their cars. Here is a fun activity for the whole family where you can turn just a few cars with flare into dozens of cars with attitude! What will your attitude look like?

You will need:

• Magnetic printer paper

• A pencil

• Crayons or markers

• Scissors

• Attitude


1. Draw outlines of 3 different cars on magnetic paper. These can be as big as you want them to be but make sure that your cars are about the same size.

2. Choose solid colors for your vehicles and add your designs. Think of designs that might make your car look super–fast or very cool. What will your tires look like?

3. On the extra magnetic paper, design other ‘pieces of flare’ like lightening, fire bursts, spoilers, or exhaust pipes.

4. Cut your cars into 3 pieces and add your flare.

5. Find the closest refrigerator and see what your cars can do! Mix and match all the pieces to see who can come up with the fastest car.

Have fun creating more attitude and more flare for your new wheels!