Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Kindergarten Readiness

by Cathy Southerland

June 01, 2012

Your child is five or soon will be five. You are excited for your child to begin “real” school, and you may be wondering “Is my child ready for kindergarten?” Children are not innately “ready” or “not ready” for school. They develop at vastly different rates, and the school and teacher should be well aware of and accommodating to these differences. Effective kindergarten programs meet children where they are and take extra care to help make meaningful connections with each child’s home, culture, and community.

So . . . TAKE A BIG BREATH! There’s no need to race out and buy the latest book or program. However, there are some skills that kindergarten teachers ideally expect their new students to have. What follows are the top readiness skills kindergarten teachers look for:

• Enthusiasm toward learning – Is your child curious? Does she ask questions? Does she love to listen to stories? Does she want to learn and examine the world around her?

• Solid oral-language skills – Does your child listen to others without interrupting? Does she know how to wait his or her turn? Does she follow two step directions and communicate basic needs?

• The ability to play well with others – Does she know how to problem-solve when conflict occurs? Is she occasionally willing to compromise?

• Strong fine-motor skills – Does she hold the pencil the right way? Can she cut on a straight line?

• Basic letter and numeral recognition – Talk to your child about letters and numbers. Every outing provides a spontaneous opportunity to learn. Relax and enjoy your child as she learns about letters and numerals. Read, play, and go places. And talk the whole time you’re doing it!