Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Nursing Moms Nest
A new lactation room opens at the Indianapolis Zoo

May 01, 2012

Your family decides to go to the Indianapolis Zoo for the day. You pack up all the gear you’ll need for a fun-filled family adventure. You get to the zoo and realize it’s about time to nurse your littlest one. Where should you go?

Too often, breastfeeding mothers are faced with this dilemma. They’re always looking for a place to go nurse. While these women know they’re doing the best thing for their babies, nursing in public may conjure up a mixture of emotions: anxiety, nervousness, self-consciousness. They just want a quiet, clean, relaxing place to nurse.

Breastfeeding women are allowed to nurse wherever they are, but some mothers prefer more privacy and convenience. Up until now, these mothers who wanted a more discreet location at the zoo were offered a family restroom (restrooms are seen as unappealing options within the breastfeeding community), an outdoor area and an inside office. But starting May 26, that all changes. Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health and the Indianapolis Zoo will unveil “Nursing Moms Nest,” the zoo’s first lactation room. Located within the new “Flights of Fancy: A Brilliance of Birds presented by Citizens Energy Group” exhibit that opens Memorial Day weekend, the lactation room will be the first of its kind for the Indianapolis Zoo.

image “Nursing Moms Nest” will offer breastfeeding mothers the peaceful, private space they’ve long sought. The space was designed to give nursing moms a sense of camaraderie. The temperature-controlled room offers three partitioned areas to nurse with comfortable seating, along with changing stations, a sink and a play area for other kids. No more breastfeeding under the hot summer sun with a baby who’s distracted by all the outdoor stimulation. No more avoiding the stares of passersby. No more feeling rushed to free up a bathroom stall. No more anxiety as your older children run around the zoo while you are feeding.

The “Nursing Moms Nest” has already generated a tremendous amount of excitement and anticipation. Riley at IU Health is proud to present this new space to breastfeeding moms at the Indianapolis Zoo – one of the most popular family attractions in the city.