Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Baby Gear on a Budget
What gadgets you really need for your baby and which ones you don't

by Krista Bocko

July 01, 2012

Walk into any baby gear aisle—especially baby superstores—and prepare to be overwhelmed by the thousands of items vying for your dollars.

Local Indy moms share their advice to help you navigate what gadgets will really be useful and what won’t. Keep in mind that your mileage may vary depending on your budget, your lifestyle, whether you live in a small home or apartment versus a larger home, have multiple children, etc. With all the variables considered, there is one thing we know for sure: your baby won’t care if the nursery curtains don’t match the crib sheets.

What do you NEED for baby?

• Terri G: A baby monitor and a simple bouncy seat. Otherwise, babies are either on the floor exploring or in my arms or a baby carrier.

• Charity R: Sling and thin blankets. Everything else just takes up space.

• Joni H: I gave away the “gadgets” when my first was a baby. Babies are so low tech.

• Trista O: A Boppy pillow, swaddling blanket, sling, stroller, monitor and gates.

• Amanda S: A baby monitor, it’s great when the older kids want to play outside but baby is napping. Also, outfits that buttoned down the front, who wants to take a dirty onesie over baby’s head?

• Corri M: I needed a carrier or sling, plus a stroller after a few months. But even though I didn't "need" much, some days it sure was nice to have those unnecessary things to try!

• Anita S: It depends on which child. If it’s #1, keep it simple. If it’s #2+ you might need a few more things, like a swing for when you’re busy with older children. Our jogging stroller was great for getting out!

• Laura M: We loved our bouncy seat and used it often when our son wasn't mobile. We still use a stroller frame that holds a carseat.

• Laura G: I used my stroller constantly and visually/tactilely stimulating toys and books.

• Jessica R: The only things I personally needed were breasts, diapers, a couple of blankets, some baby clothing, a sling or wrap, and a carseat. The stroller came in handy, but more for carrying the diaper bag, toys, and shopping bags than the baby.

What can you skip?

Indianapolis moms replied with: Bumbos, playmats, playpens, a big stroller travel system, baby DVD’s, TV baby monitors, swings, exersaucers, lots of baby toys, stuffed animals and knick knacks, and completely matching nursery suites.