Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Every Mother has a Favorite
True Confessions of Stay-at-Home Dad Pete Gilbert

September 01, 2012

If you have a daughter, I’m sure American Girl is a household name.

My daughter received a set of boy/girl babies last year. These are smaller versions of American Girl dolls. The fancy pink boxes referred to them as "bitty twins." From the moment she opened the dolls, my daughter has only played with the little girl. Days later, she finally took the boy doll out of the packaging.

The “boy,” never honored with an actual name, can be found abandoned, left for dead, face down in a pile of dirty laundry or stuffed underneath our daughter’s bed. We named him "Bitter" baby, inspired by the undressed doll, under a pile of legos, watching while his twin sister lives a more pampered existence.

Maybe the doll industry has missed an entire market share.

They could build an entire store devoted to “Bitter Babies.” Instead of a decadent, three-story, all-pink store, these Bitter Babies would be sold in a dark, damp basement or out of the back of a pickup truck.

The Bitter baby wouldn’t be welcome at the posh Doll Hospital that Bitty Twins enjoy, but he might be given a basic First Aid kid to treat the torn clothing and skinned knees acquired from a life under a pile of other toys.

Instead of tea and scones for girls and dolls at the American Girl Cafe or Bistro (reservations recommended), Bitter Baby might grab an early afternoon drink at the local watering hole or a sandwich from 7-Eleven.

American Girl stores even have a portrait studio where girls can be photographed with their Dolls. Instead of a photo shoot, the Bitter Baby could head to a tattoo parlor for a permanent reminder of the owner that will never really love them.

Happy Parenting!

Pete Gilbert