Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Brebeuf's New President: Father Jack Dennis

August 01, 2012

Brebeuf Jesuit’s 2012-2013 school year welcomes new students, new teams, new teachers, and (drum roll, please) a new school president. Father Jack Dennis is beginning the school year at a new school just like many of his students will be also. As the torch passes down to him at Brebeuf’s 50-year marker, he plans on working his hardest to reach each student as individuals and carry Brebeuf’s established traditions on as well as he can.

Although he is not from Indianapolis, Father Dennis had heard of Brebeuf’s great reputation of academic excellence and spiritual strength through his work in the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus. Entering into the school, Father Dennis plans on keeping the already strong parts of Brebeuf where they are and plans on focusing on the school’s endowment: “I’ve always wanted to work with the school’s endowment so that anybody who wants to go to this great school can,” says Father Dennis. With this goal in mind, it’s clear that Father Dennis has the students’ needs at the top of his priority list. Using the school’s mission statement as a compass to navigate his way through his time at Brebeuf, he wants to make sure to focus on each student’s individual strengths in the setting of the Brebeuf community. In this setting, Father Dennis knows he can aid each student grow into the women and men God wants them to be.

As the year quickly approaches, Father Dennis looks forward to what he knows will be one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs he will have. Recognizing that Brebeuf’s Catholic traditions are accompanied by a non-traditional student body, he realizes that the road ahead of him could be tough. Despite the troubles he may encounter, his enthusiasm and energy will be directed toward the journey of each student, focusing even on aspects of a high school experience that don’t involve academics: “I’m most excited to help with the character development, moral development, and faith development of the students.” With all of these standards that Father Dennis has set for himself, Brebeuf is surely in good hands.