Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Local Homework Help Guide

August 01, 2012

The new school year is here! This means one of the world’s most dreaded words is going to be in everyday conversation again: homework. While you and the kids still might be in denial that school is actually here again, it’s important to focus on homework again, no matter how warm it is outside. For some kids, whether it’s warm outside or not, homework can be a real struggle. For these kids, or even for kids who just need an extra push to get their work done, Indianapolis has plenty of homework help opportunities for you to take advantage of. These hotlines, tutors, and various other sources will be a big help to kids who are having trouble grasping concepts in the classroom and focusing on homework at home. Maybe ‘homework’ won’t be as dreaded of a word in your household after all.

Huntington Learning Center: Offering tutoring programs in subjects ranging from writing skills trigonometry to exam prep, Huntington Helps will have a program that is sure guide your child towards a more successful school career. Check online or call to let Huntington help you find the right tutor or program for you child. 1-800-CAN-LEARN, Huntington

LearningRx Learning and Reading Center: Located on the Northeast side of Indianapolis, this learning center works to expand your child’s actual learning capacity. Your child will be teamed with a trainer who will work with your child through a rather intense but effective program. Call or check online for pricing and training details. (317) 845-1999, LearningRx

Live Homework Help: The Indianapolis Public Library encourages students to use this free service from for help in Math, Science, Social Studies, and English. Students are able to chat one-on-one with live tutors from 4pm – 10pm, 7 days a week for help in any of these subjects. For students who might find it easier to get help from a Spanish speaker, tutors will also be available 4pm – 9pm, Sunday through Thursday. The Spanish speaking tutors are limited to Math and Science. This service is for students in Grades K – 12.

Club Z! Tutoring: Offering one-on-one tutoring sessions, the highly educated and qualified teachers who care about your child’s success will come to your home to tutor. Tutoring is offered in all subjects for students of any age, including adults. Call or check online for pricing and tutoring details. (317) 826-2222, Club Z!

Sylvan Learning Center: With multiple locations in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, more parents are turning to Sylvan’s tutoring programs to boost their child’s academic skills and confidence. Check online or call for details about customized tutoring programs and specific prices. (866) 963-1289, Sylvan Learning Center

Kumon: Whether you want your child on an early learning path, he or she needs a little help catching up, or if you feel your child needs new academic challenges, Kumon is a place for you to explore. Individualized lesson plans will be designed to help each child success in math and reading. Check online for location details in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, program details, and pricing details. (800) ABC-MATH, Kumon

While all of these programs are sure to help your struggling child, be sure to see what your child’s school has to offer. Often times, teachers, librarians, or other staff in the school will have contact to tutors or will be willing to help your child themselves. No matter the struggle, your child is sure to find relief somewhere!