Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

These toys are better off left on the shelf
True confessions of stay-at-home dad

by Pete Gilbert

December 01, 2012

I want to talk to all of you toy shoppers that are buying toys for someone elseís kids. Sometimes a gift is more of a punishment than a blessing. Let me give you some examples. Hopefully this list will make you think twice while decking the halls this year.Glitter

Glitter glue. Glitter pens. Glitter on anything. Glitter is awful. As soon as the package is opened itís on my kids, then MY hands, face, clothes, furniture, floor, walls, etc. No thanks.

Stamping sets

Kids will stamp anything. First they use it correctly, then after the novelty wears off they stamp their skin, their siblingís skin, the table, the walls and so on.

Paint See above.


Thereís enough noise in our house already, we donít need something designed to make even more noise!

Battery operated toys

Toys that sing. Hand-held video games. Remote control cars. These toys are great until itís time to buy six AAA batteries for the controller and six D batteries for the car - every three weeks.

Multiple piece sets

That doll set may look cool inside the packaging, but once opened, there will be tiny pointy pieces everywhere. And when it comes time to pick them up, I will miss one and find it with the bottom of my foot later that night.

Large plastic items

We have a small house. Adding a 1/3 scale play kitchen to our existing kitchen does not help matters. Neither does adding yet another wheeled object to our garage.

So whatís left? Instead of toys, think about purchasing an experience - like a gymnastics class, a movie or a live show. You can even take the kids and give parents the gift of time.

But when all is said and done, Iím a sucker for the goofy grin of a child opening a gift and seeing just what they wanted. Even if it is a battery operated, glittery, full-size, plastic drum set.

Happy Parenting!