Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Autism Q & A
Experts from The Applied Behavior Center for Autism answer important questions

December 01, 2012

Q: I’m concerned that my toddler may be autistic. What should be my first step to help determine this?

We know that parents who suspect their child may have autism are often confused and scared. Our best advice is to schedule a diagnosis evaluation as soon as possible, so parents can get a proper diagnosis and start making decisions from the perspective of “knowing” instead of “suspecting.” – Jerry Modlik, M.D.,The Applied Behavior Center for Autism

Q: There seem to be so many different types of therapy. How do I know which is the right one for my child?

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy has the best track record of scientifically demonstrating effective treatments for autism. By collecting data and tracking each child's progress, the therapists and behavior analysts can confirm the effectiveness of the treatment. – Jerry Modlik, M.D., The Applied Behavior Center for Autism

Q. What kind of support is available to me as the parent of an autistic child?

I have a child with autism, and I understand the importance of early diagnosis and being able to surround yourself and your family with the right support and additional therapy that is necessary. Our Center staff is an extension of your family. We also offer monthly support groups to connect you with other parents going through similar situations. Additionally, we can provide you with specific support that may be needed for you within the community since we partner with so many organizations. Once your child is diagnosed, it is so important to find high-quality treatment for your child and the whole family.– Jane Grimes, Enrollment Director, The Applied Behavior Center for Autism