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True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad
Potty Training: Whos really getting rewarded here?

by Pete Gilbert

January 01, 2013

My wife and I just went through the process of potty training our three year-old son. Along with stickers and small toys, we gave him pieces of candy every time he successfully used the potty.

I had two goals as we began potty training, get my son out of diapers and not eat all the candy while doing so. Things started off really well.

Day 1. "Oh son, you went pee on the potty! I'm so proud of you, here have a miniature Hershey's bar!" I would hand him a piece of chocolate and put the bag away taking none for myself.

As the days went on, my enthusiasm for celebrating trips to the bathroom decreased, along with my willpower.

Day 2. "Good job, another trip to the potty. What is that, seven times this morning?" I would hand him a chocolate and shove one in my mouth too.

Things just kept getting progressively worse.

Day 3. "Another potty, great. A Mr. Goodbar for you and two Krackel for me.

Day 4. "Good job going potty. That's three M and M's for you, because you're three and 36 M and M's for me, because I'm 36."

Day 5. "Are you thinking you may have to potty soon? I'll just go ahead and eat some chocolate now just in case."

By about the sixth day I raided the candy jar anytime I felt like it. I'm not sure I even gave him rewards for going potty, I just occasionally walked over to the cabinet and stuffed my face with miniature candy bars and M and M's.

Thankfully, he stopped expecting rewards for going potty right around the same time I polished off the rest of the bag.

My sweet tooth cannot wait until its time to potty train our one year-old.

Happy Parenting!