Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Day Five (December 12)

December 01, 2012

Hely Skate Shoes Gift Certificate: Heelys is best known for its popular “wheel-in-the-heel” shoes, which allow users to seamlessly transition from walking or running to rolling – otherwise known as “Heeling” – by simply shifting weight to the heel. Heelys wheeled footwear can be transformed quickly and easily into street shoes by removing the wheel and replacing the heel adaptors with heel plugs, which are included with every pair. Heelys footwear provides users with a unique combination of fun and style that differentiates it from other footwear and wheeled sports products. Heelys are sold in sporting goods and specialty stores nationwide and in more than 70 countries around the world. An instructional video on “Heeling” can be found at

Little Passports: Little Passports World Edition takes kids across the globe, with Sam and Sofia traveling to Brazil, Japan, Russia, China, and more far-off lands. The World Edition begins with the Explorer Kit, a mini-suitcase with a letter from Sam and Sofia, a wall-sized world map, passport to personalize, travel stickers and activity sheet, and a code to Little Passports’ online Boarding Zone. Every month, kids receive a new country pack, with Sam and Sofia’s latest letter, a country souvenir, postcard, stickers, activity sheets and an online code.

Dizzy Dancers: Poppy Pawz

The Littlest Pet Shop-Trick or Talents Lizard: This LPS TRICKS AND TALENTS LIZARD sure has talent! She's super sweet, and loves sweet treats! Her favorite activity is entering competitions for eating ice cream. From the moment she stuck out her tongue for her first taste, she knew she found her talent. Now she's the world champion of ice-cream-sundae-eating contests! What's her prize? More ice cream!

The Sesame Street Knitwits: Knitwits by Delux is the original animal hats brand. Since their launch in 2004, Knitwits has been responsible for a worldwide craze! They have adorned millions of heads and hands with our high quality fun and functional knitwear products. With thousands of exceptional retail partners and distribution in eight countries, they know their animal hats & animal mittens will be a valued addition. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the community in which they were created.

Gelart-paint and decorate peel off stickers: The Gelarti Designer Studio allows you to make a fun and colorful world on your walls using paint pens, glitter and 3-D accessories! You can paint and decorate peel-off stickers with the studio, which rotates for easy use, and then remove and re-use them in another location.

The Magic School Bus Attracted to Magnificent Magnets: Ms. Frizzle and her students take Young Scientists on a wild ride while becoming attracted
to magnificent magnets. Young Scientists go on a magnetic scavenger hunt, build a
compass, make magnetic slime, design magnetic faces, experiment with lodestone, play
magnetic games, hold magnetic car races, and much, much more! This magnified kit
includes a colorful poster with a racing track, game board, and experiment diagrams.
Seatbelts everyone! Get ready and become Attracted to Magnificent Magnets.

Celebrate With Barney 3 DVDs: "Celebrating Around The World": Join Barney and his friends on a magical adventure on Barney's Imagination Unlimited and explore the different types of celebrations around the world. "Top 20 Countdown": It's time to sing and dance to Barney's "Top 20 Countdown" of your favorite songs! Along with Baby Bop(TM) and BJ(TM), Barney shows you how to sing and count at the same time and how to move your feet to some great beats. So grab a friend and sing along to some of the best songs like, "One, Two, Buckle My Shoe" and the classic "I Love You". It's a musical adventure of learning and fun that the whole family will enjoy. "We Love Our Family": All we need is love from our family and friends - and, of course, Barney! Discover the joys and laughter that moms, grandparents and cousins can bring in this collection full of unforgettable moments of warmth and togetherness the whole family will cherish.