Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Day Nine (December 18)

December 01, 2012

Google Eyes: A pair of extra large wacky glasses, 3 sets of removable lenses
and some challenge cards is all you need for a night full of
hilarious eye goggling fun. Move around the board as you win
challenges, throwing dice to decide the difficulty of the action.

Mesh Hold It Vanity Bin: Constructed of lightweight yet extremely durable steel wire mesh with a silver-tone epoxy finish, our Mesh Vanity Bin is a great place to store pens, pencils and personal care items. A mirror provides a place to check your look between classes. Super-strong magnets on the back keep it securely in place.

Blingles: Add some style to your world with the Blingles Fashion Pack. With totally awesome accessories including a Blingles Necklace, Trinket Box, Compact Mirror and two Bangles; let your creativity sparkle through! Or, accessorize with the Fashion Pack items and choose to "Bling" to life your own accessories such as Sunglasses, Watches, Clutches and more! With all the tools you need to create 14 Blingles designs, start embellishing your accessories and wear them on your way!

Benudiom: The wacky phrase-tastic game of mixed up meanings

Peppa Pig-Sip ‘n Oink Tea Set: Introducing the Fisher-Price Peppa Pig Sip 'n Oink Tea Set. This tea set includes a Peppa’s House teapot with a lid, a George sugar bowl, a Peppa milk pitcher, two teaspoons, two saucers and two adorable teacups. Lift the teacups for a funny surprise!

Word Search: Its a 4 player game based on the Uk's most popular word puzzle. Players vie to spot words in one of the special pre-printed puzzles. It's simple, the more you spot, the more you score. For 1 to 4 players. For ages 8 years and over.

10 tickets to Disney on Ice