Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Not exactly routine

by Pete Gilbert

February 01, 2013

I dread bedtime.

When our oldest made the transition from a crib to a bed it was really tough, but only for a week or so, then everything was great. My wife and I would put her to bed and she would stay there. End of story. We never could understand parents that complained about their kids not staying in bed.

Until about a month ago our two littlest both slept in cribs. We could get home late from dinner out or a night at a friendís house and my wife and I could get all three kids in their jammies in bed in seven minutes flat. It was awesome! We always had time to ourselves at the end of each night. A couple hours of kid-free time, where we could watch non-animated television, carry on an uninterrupted conversation or just sit in sweet, sweet silence.

Those days are over.

My son is out of a crib and in a toddler bed. We tried the same methods (starting a bedtime routine, not engaging in his negative behavior) we used with our daughter, but not much seemed to work. During the day my son is the sweetest little guy, but whenever bedtime rolls around he turns into a little demon toddler. Since the switch to a toddler bed, Iíve been bitten, spit at, scratched, had wooden Thomas trains thrown at me and once I was almost peed on. Seriously.

This battle happens most nights of the week. It usually lasts a couple of hours and finally ends when heís too exhausted to continue, or my wife and I finally go to bed.

Iím not sure where to go from here, but Iím certain of one thing. I now cherish those rare kid-free nights more than ever.

Happy Parenting!