Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Oh, the Possibilities
This summer at camp

by The American Camp Association

May 01, 2013

A summer of endless possibilities is fast approaching for over ten million children who have decided to take part in a camp experience. Whether attending a day or resident, traditional or specialty camp, the benefits of the camp experience reach every camper in their own unique way. Read on for five things your camper can count on this summer.

Role models

Experts agree that there is nothing like the camp experience when it comes to surrounding children with role models. The young adults that serve as camp counselors are caring, well-trained and, as far as campers are concerned, “cool.” Camp counselors make a big impact on the positive development of the campers in their care.

Character development

In a supportive and nurturing environment, campers learn some of life’s greatest lessons: how to win with grace, how to overcome failures and how to take healthy risks. Research shows it’s these very character traits that will help them find success in the classroom and beyond.

Interaction with nature

Three out of four camps list “connecting children with nature” as a priority. Not only does time in nature allow campers to grow into tomorrow’s environmental stewards, but it helps them reap benefits like stress reduction and increased concentration today.


All of those activities at camp are fun, and they’re also confidence boosters! Building skill proficiency reinforces a camper’s confidence in his or her abilities. Camps strive to make all campers feel they are a special member of the community.

Physical activity

Camp is full of fun ways to get moving! The average child needs at least sixty minutes of activity per day; typically, campers get three to five times that amount! Campers have a great time playing and interacting with friends . . . away from a screen!

Get excited for a summer of growth and fun! Remember, if you haven’t yet found the right summer camp experience, visit ACA’s Find a Camp database at Find a Camp is searchable by location, cost, activities offered and more. Here’s to a summer where the days might be limited, but the possibilities are not!

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