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Monogram Maternity
A personalized approach to childbirth

July 01, 2013

A Mother’s Story

On February 18, 2012, Ashley Eddie gave birth to a beautiful 6 pound, 10 ounce baby girl. Although Ashley’s doctor wasn’t on call that night, she couldn’t have been happier with her experience. Below, Ashley talks about her journey with Monogram Maternity and how it worked out so well for her.

The choice

We chose St.Vincent Women’s Hospital on the recommendation of our good friends who had all of their children there. I had been to the hospital to visit them after the birth of their youngest, and I really liked the feel of the hospital compared to others I had been to.

The Monogram way

The Monogram Maternity appointments were very helpful.  Kathy Ryan, the Monogram Maternity nurse navigator, answered any questions we had. We especially enjoyed the private tour of the hospital—we felt so much more at ease when I came to the hospital in labor because we knew exactly what to expect and where to go. More than anything, it was nice to know someone at the hospital—it made the experience more personal and less intimidating.

The big day—er, night (and morning)

My water broke at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday night. I called the doctor on call, who happened to be Dr. John Leone. He told me to get our things together and he would let the hospital know we would be arriving soon.

When we got to the hospital, we were taken to Triage. Once the resident checked to be sure my water had broken, we were taken to a labor room where the nurse started IV fluids and later Pitocin to help my labor progress more quickly. Our nurse, Amanda, was very encouraging and eager to answer any questions I had.

I was surprised at how quickly my labor progressed, since this was my first baby. By the time I requested my epidural, my contractions were less than two minutes apart.

Soon after that, I was fully dilated and it was time to push! Within an hour, at 6:52 a.m., our little lady was born. Dr. Leone placed her on my belly so we could see and snuggle the little miracle we’d been waiting on for nine months. We were instantly in love.

The surprises

Before labor, I was trying to prepare myself to be flexible, but couldn’t imagine not having my doctor (Dr. Angela Stephens) deliver my baby. When the time came, I was very pleased with Dr. Leone and didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

Breastfeeding was much harder than I expected, but the lactation consultant, Dot, was very helpful and encouraging in getting us started.

We had lots of visitors and loved the fact that it was on our own terms, not during specified visiting hours.

Sleep-deprived and all, we couldn’t have been happier!

About Monogram Maternity: A Personalized Approach to Childbirth

Operating out of St.Vincent Carmel Hospital, St.Vincent Women’s Hospital and St.Vincent Fishers Hospital, Monogram Maternity enables you to get to know the caregivers who will see you through pregnancy and birth. Your Nurse Navigator is an OB nurse who not only helps you design a customized birth plan, but is also available to answer your questions by phone or email.

Then, through Monogram Maternity classes, you’ll gain confidence and experience that will take you through pregnancy, the big day and beyond. To learn more, visit