Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Getting Out: Winter Edition
True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

by Pete Gilbert

January 01, 2014

It's officially wintertime in the Midwest, which means the process of loading up three kids in the van just got a LOT more complicated. Gone are the days of deciding to go somewhere, slipping on flip flops, grabbing a bottle of sunscreen and heading out the door. Now it takes planning. Leaving the house is now an event in itself.

First I have to get a winter coat on everyone. There's always a battle of kids not wanting to wear them. Next, it moves on to them trying to independently put coats on themselves. My kids usually say something like, "I got it" or "I can do it myself." Then there's that awkward moment when you have to help them, but pretend like you aren't REALLY helping them so you don't bruise their fragile little egos.

Second, it's time to round up all the mittens. Let's see here, where did I last see them? There were a few in the car, we could look there. I think I saw the dog carrying around one, we could ask him. There are some still out in the yard from yesterday. Eventually after finding a dozen or so different mittens we are able to match three sets. Success.

Finally, winter hats. We have so many winter hats, probably four or five for EACH one of us. That's twenty to twenty-five winter hats in our house. Then, why in the world, is it so hard to find three when you actually need them?

Fifteen minutes later: Coats? Check. Mittens? Check. Hats? Check. Time to finally leave the house.

Lord help me on those days when it actually snows enough that we need to locate and squeeze their oversized box feet into winter boots.

Happy parenting!