Source: Indys Child Parenting Magazine

Whatís in a Name?
Tips for choosing a baby name youíll always love

February 01, 2014

How many Jacksons, Sophias, Emmas and Aidans have you met this year? is out with its annual list of most popular names. Whatís the trick to picking the name thatís perfect for your baby? And how can you avoid choosing a name you may later regret? Weíve put together a step-by-step guide to making this important decision.

Step 1: Set your criteria

What do you know for sure about the kind of baby name you prefer? Are you into common spellings, or do you like clever variations? What about trendy or unusual names? Would you consider a family name? Will your kidsí names all start with the same letter? When deciding what to name your little one, you can start by listing your must-have baby naming criteria and seeing how well your ideas line up with your partnerís.

Step 2: Avoid pitfalls

No one wants to grow up introducing themselves with a name they really donít like. To make sure your child doesnít end up cursing you for the name you chose, be aware of a few naming pitfalls. First, run the name through the monogram test. (Aidan Scott Sampson has a nice ring until you picture those initials stitched onto his backpack.) Test possible email handles as well, which often combine the first initial of the first name with the last name. (Just imagine the campus or office jokes that would fly when receiving emails from Sarah Nott.) You may also want to Google your babyís full name and possible nicknames to make sure no unpleasant characters pop up. (Even if you plan to call him Theo instead of Ted, you may want to avoid the name Theodore if your last name is Bundy!)

Step 3: Find inspiration

Now, itís time to get to the fun part Ė starting a list of all the names you like. Some websites like,, and offer not only baby name lists, but also tools that help you search based on factors like ethnic background or suggest similar names that might interest you. You may also want to think of historic figures, family members, personal mentors, authors, athletes or artists who have influenced you.

Step 4: Get historic

If youíre looking for a name with a classic ring thatís not overused today, try the Social Security Administration website: Plug in a year and browse through names that were big hits back then. You can also enter your favorite names and see when they peaked in popularity.

Some families also keep family trees, family bibles or genealogy records. These are gold mines of interesting names with family ties! You donít have to limit your search to first names Ė many surnames (like Davis, Sterling, Jackson, Washington, Calvin, Harper or Harrison) can make distinctive first names. The trick is finding the name that both you and your partner fall in love with.

Step 5: Keep it quiet?

Most of your loved ones will respond kindly to your babyís name, but be prepared for negative reactions. (BabyCenterís survey found that out of people who got a negative reaction to their childís name, their own parents were the naysayers 46% of the time!) If you want to lower the risk of having your favorite name tainted by a nasty comment, keep it secret until the big birth day.

Whenever you reveal your babyís name to the world, stay confident in your choice. Even the toughest critics are likely to soften once your bundle of joy starts melting their hearts.