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April 01, 2014

Lemonade Day

Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and philanthropists

Here's something interesting: Bill Gates, one of the most well-known technology entrepreneurs of all time, may ultimately be remembered not for the role he played in shaping the "computer age" but for his philanthropy....more»
March 01, 2014

Ask the Teacher

Cheating, second semester apathy, school stress

My son recently cheated on a test. I had no idea he was under so much stress that he felt like he had to cheat to do well....more»
February 01, 2014

Increasing responsibility, speech anxiety, "teaching to the test"

Ask the Teacher

Question: My ten year old son is so forgetful! He regularly forgets homework assignments, library books, gym shoes, etc....more»
January 01, 2014

Mid-year transfers, teaching by computer, "flipping" a classroom

Ask the Teacher

Question: We are changing schools mid-year due to a job transfer. We were careful to select an area where we felt comfortable with the schools, but now that the move is about to happen, I am wondering how we can ever get up to speed with what has happened since the beginning of the year....more»
January 01, 2014

Choosing a Private School

Top 10 questions to ask schools you are considering

Daunting. That's the word Sheila Roumpf of Indianapolis used to describe her private school selection process....more»
January 01, 2014

Public Schools Cultivate Diverse Interests

Unique opportunities available at area schools

Local public schools are offering an increasing number of interesting academic and extracurricular options to their students....more»
January 01, 2014

College on the Horizon

What younger kids should focus on now to be prepared

Is it crazy for a 5th grader to start thinking about what their major should be in college? Actually, no. The question of "what do you want to be when you grow up" starts to have some real significance even at this early age....more»
January 01, 2014

Private Education for Kids with Autism

What to consider when making a move from public to private schools

Imagine if school were a true one-size-fits-all venture. No more worry. Easy accommodations. Social success all around....more»
December 01, 2013

Ask the Teacher

Homework overload, vocabulary woes and vacation disruptions

Question: I cannot believe the amount of homework that my second grader has. It seems to go on forever. I am constantly having to prod her to get it done....more»
December 01, 2013

Homeschooling in Indy

Social opportunities for your homeschooled student

Football games, academic competitions, school dances – these are important events in a child's life. While these opportunities are readily available to children in public and private schools, they're not necessarily part of the package for homeschooled students....more»
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