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March 01, 2015

Research to Real World

Creating a Healthy Media Diet for Young Children

March 01, 2015

Autism and Music Therapy

Reaching children in profound and unexpected ways

March 01, 2015

Books with Special Needs in Mind

Recommended reading that promotes understanding and acceptance

March 01, 2015

Making the Call

Is there a "right time" to give your child a cell phone?

March 01, 2015

Ask the Teacher

Hiring tutors, unrecognized good behavior, test prep suggestions

February 01, 2015

The mystery of the frazzled parent…finally revealed!

True Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad

Why are parents so confused and disoriented looking all the time? Maybe it's because while parenting is based so much on repetition and routine, it is also constantly changing....more»
February 01, 2015

Footnotes: Thoughts from the margins of a mom's life

The case of the blue police car van

When my son first laid eyes on our new car, a crossover vehicle intended to accommodate our toddler and soon-to-arrive infant, he cried, "It's a blue police car van!" As the weeks went by, I adopted the new nickname myself....more»
February 01, 2015

Baby Talk with Robert Mathis

Find out how this Colts player manages the home team

Indy's Child: You must have a busy household with four kids at home! How do you and Brandi manage it all – especially with having children of such varying ages? Robert Mathis: Brandi is the MVP of the household, she keeps it all together....more»
February 01, 2015


Raising multiples to have their own identities

Parents with new babies are always sure to attract attention when they go out in public, and when that stroller holds two, three or four babies, that attention is… well, multiplied! "Are they twins?" "How do you find time for yourself when you have triplets?" "Your quads are adorable!" Friends and strangers alike usually can't help but refer to your babies as a package deal ("the twins" or "the triplets")....more»
Indiana Historical Society: circus day
Race for a Cure