Dino Puppet Show
When: Ongoing Daily.
Where: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
3000 North Meridian St.
Indianapolis IN 46208
See our newest interactive, live show featuring a life-size dino puppet. A paleontology student working in the Paleo Lab brings a fossil display cart to the Atrium. She tells the audience that she has been encountering a strange situation in the mornings. Although she puts her fossils away carefully every night, when she arrives in the mornings, the fossils seem to have moved around overnight She invites the audience to help her solve this mystery. Through this process, she lets the audience know that it is Dinosphere’s 10th Birthday- and introduces visitors to key words used in paleontology and shares the T. Rex fossils from her cart. The student is called away to solve a problem in Dinosphere and in her absence, a transformation from fossils to real-live T. Rex occurs- complete with smoke, sound effects and music. She returns to witness the end of the transformation and discovers that the T. Rex is actually Bucky come to life through the magic of Dinosphere The audience gets to meet Bucky, play “fetch” with her, and hear her roar before she takes her on a tour of Dinosphere. . Phone: 1-800-820-6214.

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